How to marinate cabbage

1. Assorted lotus white: take 20 kg of cabbage, 10 kg of carrot, 5 kg of pepper, 10 kg of garlic, 5 kg of parsley, and 7.5 kg of salt. The washed cabbage and pepper were cut into pieces, garlic was cut into oblique pieces, parsley was cut into 3 cm long segments, salted for half a day, and then put together in the altar and pressed with stones, 7 It can be eaten within 10 days.
2. The multi-cocoon cabbage head silk: Take 50 kg of cabbage, 1.5 kg of chili powder, 1.5 kg of vinegar, 6 kg of white sugar, 1 kg of white wine, and 1.5 kg of salt. Remove the outer leaves of cabbage, wash with boiling water, cut into filaments, and mix paprika, vinegar essence, sugar, white wine, and salt with boiling water and pour it in, and marinate with cabbage for 5 hours.
3. Lotus paste white: take 50 kg of cabbage, 7.5 kg of salt, 30 kg of pasta sauce. The fresh cabbage was peeled off the rotten leaves, washed, and placed in a salt water tank. The surface was sprinkled with salt and pressed with a large rock. It was turned over twice a day for a total of 3 times, and placed in a cool place. When the sauce is used, remove the cabbage and soak it in the water and soak it in the water for 1 day. Change the water 1 time for a total of 3 times. Dry the water and put it into a gauze bag and put it into the sauce jar (1 layer 1 bag of sauce). 1 sauce, for a total of 3 times, edible after 30 days. The characteristics are fragrant and crisp.
4. Spiced Beijing Dong Cai: 50 kg of cabbage, 4 kg of salt, 4 kg of sweet soy sauce. The fresh cabbage is stripped of the roots, the outer leaves and the old leaves are removed, washed and drained, all in two. Remove the center column, cut into filaments, add salt and mix well. Preserved in the tank. After 5 to 6 days, remove the vegetable water and put it in sweet soy sauce. After 5 to 7 days, pick up and spread out in the sunlight, half dry. Another 375 grams of fresh soy sauce is prepared according to 50 kilograms of fresh vegetables, 6 to 7 grams of pepper, 810 grams of wine, 25 grams of sodium benzoate, and the above-mentioned semi-dry pickles are fully mixed and immediately sealed on the altar to be preserved for a long time.

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