How to prevent bacterial contamination in mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation of the main bacteria are green Trichoderma, Qu Jian, etc., is the production of seeds and clinker production of one of the most common cultivars. This type of fungal high temperature, moist environment, such as Trichoderma held in long-term survival in the soil and organic materials or shed wall gap, through the air, earth covering materials, tools and other spread.
1. Preventive measures are: use all diseases to completely eliminate mushroom shed; hair Yin and mushroom every 5 days during a spray of bactericidal drugs, the production of disease can be used without a trace and mushroom kill disease spirit alternately.
2. Defiled mushroom sheds have been opened, all ventilation openings have been opened, and the import and export have been enhanced to provide ventilation; at the same time, all diseases have been sprayed without a trace, and then the contaminated bacteria bags have been treated.
3. For spotted contamination: take 100 times the killing solution to eliminate the mold, such as the germination of the fungus spores from the base to raise the concentration to about 50 times, and deep insertion of the needle, so that the liquid from the inside out The killing effect can reach 100%. Note that the needle insertion point should be located diagonally above the contamination point, inserted diagonally and injected, so that the contamination point is near the ground.
4. Spotting pollution: You can also take the method of injection of drugs, but you should increase the amount of drug, method ibid.
5. Contiguous contamination: When it is difficult to inject drugs, the plastic film at the pollution site can be cut open at the cross, lifted plastic film, brushing liquid, which only adapt to the bacteria germination on the surface of the base material, and must be found early. Otherwise, the powder can be sprinkled and then the plastic film can be returned to place. The killing effect is good.
6. About 50 percent contamination of bacteria bags: Flexible treatment depending on the situation. For example, edible mushroom seedlings have been sent to more than half, that is, the base material has been connected with mycelium, and plastic bags can be removed. The solution of the king should be immersed in the fungus and then covered with a plastic film to be cultured; if the pollution is heavy and the number of edible mycelium is small, 3 to 5 ports can be cut longitudinally on the bag and loosened after the plastic film is immersed. A little longer, then let it settle.
7. If there is a large area of ​​pollution, the pollution time is more than 15 days, and the contamination bacteria bag accounts for about 70 percent, the batch of bacteria bags will have almost no reserve value. After the bacteria bags are completely cleared out of the shed, there are two methods of treatment. : 1. Set up a awning, after the normal killing treatment, the uncontaminated or less contaminated bacteria bags will be treated as above and placed in the shed to grow bacteria, will lose the direct cultivation of valuable value; 2. The pollution bag is poured, and when the weather is fine, fine lime powder is added at 2% of the weight of the dry material, and is mixed and dried after being used as a clinker cultivation or fermentation material.
8. After clearing the greenhouse, thoroughly clean the sanitation, spray 2 times in a row for 2 days to remove all traces of disease, and remove the coverings such as grasshoppers, close all the ventilation holes and the import and export, and put them in a boring treatment. After about 3 days high temperature Straw shed, you can achieve a better killing effect of bacteria; then you can re-bag culture.