How to prevent Dahlia virus disease

Dahlia virus disease is also known as Dahlia mosaic disease. In China, Guangdong, Kunming, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and other provinces and cities have occurred, severe plant growth and atrophy, generally scattered.

Symptoms Dahlia leaves produce yellow veins and veins in the veins or leaves of the leaves, and the development of the leaves is hindered. Some leaves showed characteristic circular spots. The plants were infected with the virus during the summer flowering period. They did not show any symptoms for the time being. However, they only showed mosaicism and dwarfing in the following year.

The etiological agent is Tomato spotted wilt virus.

Onset of disease Dahlia mosaic virus can be transmitted through sap and grafting. Leafhoppers and aphids can also be transmitted. Under normal conditions, Dahlia is difficult to vaccinate successfully. Dahlia's roots can also be poisonous. However, dahlia seeds do not transmit virus. Dahlia Mosaic Virus also causes diseases such as Zombie, Coreopsis, Petunia, and Zinnia.

Prevention and treatment methods

1. Avoid using roots with virus as breeding materials. Find diseased plants and immediately remove them and use them for breeding.

2. Tomato spotted wilt virus is not easy to get close to the plant growth point, and new virus-free strains can be obtained by stem tip tissue culture method.

3. Insecticides can be sprayed on the insects in the growing season to prevent transmission of poisonous insects. They can be sprayed with 40% omethoate for 2000 times, or 50% for malathion, 20% for diazinon, and 70% for cetrixone for 1000 times. .

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