How to prevent freezing winter crops

For winter crops to be adapted to local conditions, a variety of antifreeze insulation measures must be taken. 1. Anti-freezing measures for rape: The first is to select varieties with strong cold resistance; secondly, the sowing date should be reasonably arranged according to the characteristics of varieties; early sowing and early planting of varieties with stronger winter can increase dry matter accumulation and achieve early growth of strong seedlings. And improve the ability of frost resistance. At the same time can also take the following technical measures to prevent freezing damage: 1 Miao Miao early application, re-application of wax fertilizer, increased application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, for the winter to cultivate seedlings antifreeze and provide adequate nutrition for the coming year. 2 Earthworm roots prevent freezing damage. 3 irrigation humidification antifreeze. 4 spraying regulator. For rapeseed fields that are planted early, grow vigorously, and have a tendency to grow longer, spraying paclobutrazol and uniconazole before wintering can prevent or reduce freezing damage. 5 Remove early frost and early morning frost. 6 Clearing the drain to prevent waterlogging, using straw, hulls or other crop straws between rows to increase surface temperature between rows of rapeseed can reduce the direct impact of freezing damage. Before the onset of the cold wave, a layer of chaff, grass ash, and fire ash on the surface of rapeseed can be sprinkled to prevent the leaves from freezing. Second, vegetable antifreeze measures: 1 clean up the ditch, play a breathable anti-staining antifreeze effect. 2 In combination with cultivator, put organic fertilizers such as chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle, etc. that have been stacked on the roots of the crop, then root the roots, loosen the soil, increase the soil temperature, and provide antifreeze and heat preservation effects. 3 Coverage protection: (1) The traditional method is to use rice straw and other crop straws to cover the surface of vegetables, and use fire ash and ash to spread on the leaves of vegetables. (2) Cover and keep warm with plastic film. Small loops can be adopted, and small arches can be placed on the surface of the box. Small coverings should be used for covering crops for a longer period of time. Covering time can be shortened by covering the surface of the tanks. except. (3) cover with a non-woven surface. Non-woven cover floating surface, suitable for all kinds of open-air vegetables, the method is simple and effective, with good results. (4) Cover with a sunshade net floating surface. The sunshade net surface is a temporary method adopted for the temporary use of cold currents. It should be removed during the day after cold and covered at night to reduce frost. 4 Before the onset of frost, fire and smoke are ignited with weeds, straw, etc., in the upper wind, and used as a wind shield at a height of 1 to 1.5 meters in the north of the vegetable field. 5 As far as possible, the mature vegetables that can be harvested are harvested and marketed to reduce the unnecessary loss of frost damage. Third, flower seedlings anti-freeze measures: According to the conditions can be moved into the room or covered to keep warm; warm greenhouse crops pay attention to do a good job of greenhouse regulation, and reinforcement of the shelter to prevent the wind from lifting the roof. Fourth, frost and cold-proof measures for fruit trees: 1 The trunk of lime sulfur is painted white. 2 Apply sufficient winter fertilizer, mainly with decomposed organic fertilizer, increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and combine irrigation with winter water according to local conditions. 3 Coverage protection: Use rice straw, other crop straws, and weeds to cover the whole garden or tree plate to cover and keep the thickness of 20 cm or more; directly cover the crown with a straw or film to improve the antifreeze and anti-fighting abilities of fruit trees. The full coverage of fruit tree seedlings was adopted to raise the ground temperature and improve the survival rate of fruit tree seedlings. 4 Use weeds, chaff, sawdust, deciduous smoke to cover wet grass or thin mud, ignite on a clear, nocturnal night, produce smoke, inhibit radiation backflow, and prevent frost. 5 Clear snow. Use tree branches to gently beat the fruit tree branches to make the snow attached to the fruit trees fall to the ground and reduce the freezing damage to the leaves and branches caused by snow. Fifth, the anti-freeze measures in tea gardens: 1 cover protection, covered with straw, weeds, etc. between the tea line, with a thin film covering the tea tree. 2 smoke smoke method, the use of weeds, sawdust and other materials smoke smoke antifreeze. 3 Applying overwintering fertilizer will help improve antifreeze capacity. 4 Barrier protection law, in the north of the tea garden, build a wind screen about two meters to prevent cold air from directly invading the tea surface. 5 Spray antifreeze: In the local weather station forecast before the onset of frost and cold weather, timely spraying of nutrient solution or steam insulation inhibitor, its antifreeze effect is also good.

Overall Reflex LED Operating Light

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Overall Reflex LED Operating Light

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