How to prevent peanut nuts

One, rotation down. The sick fields should be made every year, and the sick fields should be rotated for 3 to 5 years. Rotation crops are grass crops such as wheat and corn.
Second, soil treatment. The severely rotted fields and peanuts should be treated with soil before sowing. The use of 50% carbendazim for 1 kilogram, 25 kilograms of fine soil, and spreading throughout the field can prevent various soil-borne diseases.

Third, plough the soil and increase organic fertilizer. Fertilizing soil fertility can make peanut plants grow robustly and increase disease resistance.

Fourth, increase calcium fertilizer, make-up boron fertilizer, zinc fertilizer. For calcium-deficient blocks, attention should be paid to using superphosphate instead of diammonium phosphate when applying phosphate fertilizers. Promoting the use of boron and zinc fertilizers can not only reduce pods, increase double fruit, increase yield, but also promote the absorption of calcium.

Fifth, rational irrigation and drainage. Generally, when the soil moisture content is less than 10%, it is necessary to water the soil in time, and the watering should be suitable for furrow irrigation, and the spray irrigation effect is better. When there is continuous rain, it is necessary to drain water, keep the water in the field clear, enhance the stress resistance of plants and pods, and reduce the rate of rot fruit.

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