How to prevent sow fetal

In swine production, the problem of low birth rate of sows is often encountered. Apart from the low fertilization rate, fertilized eggs cause early death of embryos during development and are also important causes of sow absorption (commonly known as “benching”). The farmers can solve this problem by the following methods.

Feeding management

The protein feed and energy feed are added 3 to 14 days before breeding, and minerals and vitamins are added at the same time to make it enter the best state of breeding soon; for the empty sow with poor lye, breeding methods for breeding and feeding are available. That is, nutrition is strengthened for a relatively long period of time before mating, so that it can restore sensation and strength as much as possible to facilitate breeding, abortion, and miscarriage, and increase litter size.

Timely breeding

The breeding time of sows is best from the 22nd to the 24th hour after the start of oestrus. From the point of view of oestrus, sows are switched from extreme excitement to quieter, white silky mucus flows out of the vagina, and the sow's back sow is kept on hand. Breeding is best when standing still, so that the embryo has a low mortality rate and a high birth rate.

Endocrine regulation

Seven days after mating, 30 mg of progesterone was injected intramuscularly into each sow, which effectively reduced embryonic death and prevented sows from becoming fetuses.

Feed quality

Sows during pregnancy, feed quality is better, to prevent the use of mildew, pollution, frozen feed sows, or prone to food poisoning or pesticide poisoning, light can cause embryo toxicity death, the weight of the sow will affect the life safety.

temperature control

In the first week of pregnancy, when the ambient temperature is as high as 32°C-35°C for a short period of time (24 hours), embryonic death increases; similarly, if the boar is bred with a heated boar, it can also cause embryonic death. The temperature is controlled between 15°C and 25°C.

Proper exercise

Sows do not exercise for a long time, and embryo mortality is 0.3% higher than that of regular sows. The sow should exercise in a free movement, but should prevent the sow from falling.

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