How to produce high quality art fruit

Art fruit production is another fruit value-added technology following fruit bagging technology, which can significantly increase fruit prices and produce significant economic benefits.

Types of Art Fruit Art fruit products are divided into two types, ordinary and high-grade. Ordinary type refers to the fruit on the fruit surface with blessings, hi, kyrgyzstan, Xiang and other words; advanced type refers to the fruit surface with zodiac signs, famous figures, places of interest, cartoon characters and other patterns of fruit.

Fruit varieties suitable for producing art fruits are preferably red and large fruit types. Red Fuji apples are still the main products, and red pears, peaches, dates, and pomegranates have also begun to appear in the artistic fruit series.

The production methods of artistic fruits are well prepared: According to the market supply and demand forecast and production scale, appropriate amount of high-quality ink or fonts and paper-cut patterns should be prepared in advance. Writing or Posting Time: Art fruit writing or typography time is generally carried out when the fruit is close to maturity but has not yet been shaped and coloured, both prematurely and lately affecting the artistic effect. Use ink to write or draw patterns: In order to improve the quality of tanning and create unique artistic fruit, you can hire people with calligraphy and painting skills to directly draw appropriate ink from the brush and write or paint the pattern on the fruits to remove the fruit bag. On the sunny side, after the fruit is ripe for picking, wipe off the ink with a damp cloth. The use of fonts or paper-cut production of fruit auspicious characters or patterns: in the production of fonts and paper cutting materials by dark paper, sticker paper and plastic film 3 kinds; according to the color formed on the surface of the words, patterns Divided into real characters, real patterns (yellow), missing words, and leak patterns. After the bag is removed, the fruit powder on the fruit surface is gently wiped off, the paper and the sticker mold are attached on the positive surface of the fruit, and the plastic film mold is attached on both sides of the positive surface of the fruit to prevent sunburn. Adhesive paper and plastic film molds should be coated on the back with a little medical vaseline oil. The sequence of operation when pasting is to first position the mold in the proper position on the fruit surface, and then use the thumb to flatten the mold from the middle to the periphery to flatten the folds to ensure that the Chinese characters and English words and patterns are naturally perfect. Fine management in the later stage: After gluing the mold on the fruit surface, it is necessary to strengthen orchard management, increase potash fertilizer, control nitrogen and water control, and press and block the light branches to pick up leaves, transfer fruits, lay under the trees, spray medicine, and promote full fruit coloring. . And after the paste is often checked and found that Alice pressed compaction or make-up. Harvest: Art fruit is harvested about 2 days before fruit ripening in the park. During the picking, the order of the first, the second, the first, the first, the second, and the later, the light and the light, and the fruits of the same Chinese characters and English words and patterns are placed in a concentrated manner so as to form a complete set.

BIO scope S1 is a digital handheld scope used to record digital photographs and videos.

It is mainly used in hospital, Clinic and medical departments for doctors and nurses to examine ear.



1. Bigger LED Screen 3.5 inch with 720*480 resolution
2. Never hot lens with 300 thousand pixel
3. Disposable earmuff
4. examine external ear and middle ear

5. cerumen,otitis media, ear infections, perforation of tympanic membrane checking

6. Small & Light to hold, Easy to carry with aluminum box

7. Rechargeable Li-On battery to ensure 4 hours continuous working at least

8. Cheaper price

9. CE mark




Resolution 720X480
Light source Natural white(LED)
LCD 3.5 inches special LCD screen
Minimum color difference for different viewing angle
File format JPEG,BMP,AVI
Media Micro SD flash card
Interface 1 mini USB,1 AV-OUT,1 SD card slot
Power supply rechargeable lithium battery
External power 110V~220V AC 50/60HZ, Output DC 5V 500MA
Working time 3 hours for continuous working
Charging time 5 hours

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Digital Endoscope

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