How to raise fish yield in pond ponds

At present, there are some new problems in pond fish farming. In terms of output, although there has been a significant increase, there are still some ponds with large potential for yield increase. From the point of view of aquaculture species, oysters, oysters, grasses, and alfalfa account for 90%, and the variety is single, far from meeting market demand; from the market price From the point of view, the production costs have risen and the comparative benefits have declined. How to solve the existing problems in the new situation and improve the yield and efficiency of pond fish farming, the author proposes the following points:
First, the reform of the breeding system, a balanced listing, to improve efficiency One of the characteristics of pond fish farming is the spring autumn catch, commodity fish fall listed on the market, and thus the price is lower, and the fish price before and after the Spring Festival, 51 days is relatively high, and then fell again If you can focus on listing commercial fish before the high fish price season, you can get higher economic benefits.
1. Fish breeding ponds cultivate fish products. Use fish stocks in stocking ponds before stocking fish stocks to grow commercial fish, and put 200g or more large-sized fingerlings in spring or winter, strengthen feeding and management, and market them before and after the end of May, and fish species can be cultivated in the middle and late June. Therefore, when the fish price is higher, it can obtain higher economic benefits.
2. The round of catching fish on the pond is put. The premise of adopting this method is to cultivate a part of large-size fingerlings and stocking them in advance. The entire pond should be stocked in groups according to the size of the fingerlings. After intensive cultivation, Daliuxiao can be successively caught and listed. Fish species.
3. Commercial fish will be stored in winter and stored in ponds or over the winter until next Spring Festival and May Day. Although there are some losses during the wintering period of storage, there is still a higher profit from the price difference.
Second, according to market demand, optimize the breeding species structure With the improvement of people's living standards, changes in consumer attitudes, only the development and introduction of new breeds of aquaculture, optimizing the structure of breeding, in order to obtain higher economic benefits. 1. The development of local farmed species such as carp, black peony, and loach is popular among the people. The market price is good, and the larger the specifications, the higher the price, and it should gradually become a key breed of pond culture. 2. Introducing new breeds for breeding In recent years, the introduction of new varieties of tilapia, freshwater whitefish, rainbow trout and abalone has greatly improved the aquaculture efficiency of ponds.
Third, strengthen the farming techniques, adjust the stocking mode, and promote the intensive farming of ponds to increase the yield and efficiency of the traditional fish farming model, that is, feeding with fertilizer and water injection technology, fish production and efficiency are not high. According to the needs of the market, through the expansion of feed sources, increase feed self-sufficiency rate and utilization rate: First, make full use of natural food, expand the cultivation of green feed; Second, optimize the feed formulation, use artificial feed and feed the fish with full-priced feed, develop fish disease prevention and control Plan; third is the integrated operation, so that the organic combination of fish farming and planting, animal husbandry, etc., to improve feed utilization and energy control, reduce the cost of farming; Fourth, promote the pond intensive aquaculture technology, from the output to seek new breakthroughs.
Fourth, tap potential, increase efficiency 1. The best self-cultivation of fish, not only specifications, benefits, species ratio, quality assurance, the cost of kilograms of fish is also low. In addition, ingestion and domestication can be performed from the time of the fingerlings, and it is easy to improve feed efficiency. Such as outsourcing, specifications, quality without guarantee, the price is high, the survival rate of transport is low. 2. For fish feed, one must strictly guarantee the quality of feed; Second, according to local conditions, broaden the sources of feed, reduce costs; Third, according to the different growth stages of fish with different feeds; Fourth, improve the feeding technology, strictly according to feeding Technical operation.

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