How to Save Feed for Keeping Chai Chicken

The use of open-type breeding for farmed chickens is very easy to cause feed wastage. In the production process, our base mainly takes the following measures to prevent feed wastage:

1. Scientifically select feed troughs or drums to reasonably control the amount of feed. As the free-range chickens are likely to be congested when eating, they will overturn the feed chute or bucket and cause feed wastage. Therefore, the feeding trough or bucket should be fixed during the feeding process, and the height is generally consistent with the height of the back of the chicken, and more feeding troughs or drums should be placed. Do not add too much amount per time. Add 1/3 of the capacity of the tank or bucket. It is advisable to eat chicken for 40 minutes. Feeding is done 4 times a day, and in winter it should be added once a night.

2. Scientific ingredients, reduce feed costs. The use of local feed resources and the selection of cheap raw materials under the premise of keeping the feeding standards unchanged can effectively reduce feed costs. For example, a portion of the fish meal may be replaced with a pancake meal, or some lobster sauce may be replaced with a sesame seed meal, a peanut meal, or a vegetable meal.

3. Timely elimination of non-compliant chickens. Non-compliant chickens are sick, weak, disabled, low-yielding, or discontinued hens. In addition, they need to eliminate excess cocks in time.

4. Scientific custody of feed. Storehouses storing feed and raw materials should be dry and ventilated to prevent mildew in the feed. When purchasing raw materials, it should be purchased in small quantities according to production needs, and the time for storing raw materials should be minimized so as to prevent mildew from occurring. In addition, we must prevent rodent and bird damage and reduce unnecessary waste.

5. Keep proper temperature. Maintaining proper temperature in the house can reduce feed consumption. Because the temperature inside the house is too low, the chicken needs to consume more feed to maintain a constant body temperature. Therefore, the ventilation of the house should be closed in winter.

6. Timely deterrence, regular insect removal. Measures such as timely deterrence and regular deworming can also effectively reduce feed wastage.

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