How to solve the problem of fermented mattress material

How to solve the problem of how to solve the problem of fermented mattress material moisture content of fermented mattress material generally have specific requirements, such as the fermentation bed requires 60-65%, too much water is not good for fermentation, in particular, excessive moisture leads to poor ventilation, The temperature rises slowly and produces an odor, which seriously damages the fermentation bed and cannot continue to work. There are people who do not care because of accidentally adding more water, there are accidental rain penetration of the water, so usually pay attention to take care of the fermentation bed, according to operating procedures, such as wet can take the following operations (see the fermentation bed after the wet Adjustment method):
1, Adding litter can add some litter on the original basis, dry sawdust, make it adjusted to the required moisture content, and add a certain amount of functional bacteria;
2, clear out too wet litter and then enter the bed;
3, reduce the number of pigs or increase the area of ​​the pens, such as the fermentation bed requires 1.2-1.5 square meters per pig;
4, at the bottom perforation ventilation.

Garlic is planted all over the world, but China has always been the largest producer of garlic, with about 10.5 million tons of garlic annually, accounting for more than 77% of world output. Jinxiang is the largest garlic planting and storing area in the world. Except jinxiang, the origin of garlic in China also include pizhou city ,Jiangsu province; laiwu city, Shandong province; linyi city, Shandong province; shanghe town ,jinan city, Kaifeng city, Henan province; pengzhou city, Sichuan province; haozhou city, Anwei province,Xinjiang province and so on. The garlic from jinxiang is the most popular with its high quality in the world.If you are insistently pursuing the quality and taste, the garlic from jinxiang will be your best choice.Except Fresh Garlic ,we also supplied Fresh Ginger , Air Dried Ginger , Fresh Onion , Peeled Onion , Fresh Chestnut , Sweet Corn , Fresh Taro , Fresh Potato , Fresh Baby Mandarin, Fresh Red Grape, Fresh Pomelo , Fresh Ya Pear Chaotian Chili , Paprika Powder , Fresh Apple and so on.

normal white garlic


Normal white garlic


4.5cm,5.0cm, 5.5cm, 6.0cm, 6.5cm,7cm and up.

Place of origin

Jinxiang, JiNing, Shandong, China


Reducing bacteria, keeping the heart in good condition and immunity.



Supply period

The whole year

Fresh season: early June to mid September

Cold storage season: September to next June


Class A(suitable to export)


 Loose Packing:

5/6/6.5/7/8/9/10/20KG MESH BAG;
5/6/6.5/7/8/9/10KG CARTON

Small Packing:

120Gx40/4.8KG CTN, 160G*40/6.4KG CTN, 200gx20/4kg CTN  with pallet, 240G*42/10KG CTN , 300G*34/10KG CTN ,400Gx20/8KG CTN, 500Gx20/10KG CARTON, 900Gx10/CTN,1KGx10/10KG CTN,

4P 200G*12/2.4KG BAG,250Gx20/5KG BAG , 300Gx8/2.4 BAG ,

500gx10/5kg MESH BAG,10P 100G*10/8KG BAG,



Shipment degree

-3°- 0°C

Delivery time

5-7 days after got buyer's deposit

Shipment port

Qingdao Port of China

Main importing Country

UK, Greece, Poland, Russia, France, Norway, Turkey, U.A.E, Kuwait,Algiers, Arabia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada, America

Normal White Garlic 6.0-6.5cm

Normal White Garlic 6.0-6.5Cm,Fresh White Garlic,Natural Fresh White Garlic,6.0Cm Normal White Garlic

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