How to stabilize the production of dairy cows from feed

How to stabilize the production of dairy cows from feedstuffs In the milk production process of dairy cows, feed supply and nutrition are directly linked to milk production time, so how to squeeze the most milk in a milk production cycle must be completed on the feed. The following are available for reference:
(1) The feed should be diversified with various combinations. Feed three meals a day. The main ingredients are cornmeal, soybean cake, cottonseed cake and bran. Can also choose a variety of straw and other crop wastes and other substances through the fermentation process to improve the palatability and nutritional characteristics, gold A baby feed fermentation agent is to deal with this expert, to replace part of the feed, reduce production costs and increase economic efficiency.
(2) Ensure that the green and green feed lacks green and green fodder in the winter and spring. In summer or autumn, chopped grass and crop stalks can be chopped to make silage, and appropriate amounts of carrots can be added, and then, such as gold A baby silage starter can be added. , greatly reduce the fermentation time, improve nutrition, maintain juicy and nutritious, so that the cows continue to green material throughout the year.

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