How to supplement soil organic matter in new greenhouses

In the newly-built greenhouses, the sheds were dug to the back wall when the sheds were built, so the sheds became “raw soil” and the organic matter content was very low, which was not conducive to the growth of vegetables and was in urgent need of supplementing soil organic matter. Farmers can take the following three methods.

Increased application of organic fertilizer increased organic fertilizer to supplement soil organic matter. There are many types of organic fertilizer used by vegetable farmers, such as chicken manure, rice husk manure, and soybean meal. These organic fertilizers have a full content of nutrients and a high content of organic matter, which can quickly supplement soil organic matter. However, because of their high nitrogen content, it is necessary to appropriately increase the application ratio of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the subsequent topdressing. In addition, vegetable farmers have paid more attention to the fermentation of chicken manure. However, the decomposition of organic fertilizer such as bean cake soybean meal is ignored. Most of vegetable growers use organic fertilizers such as bean cake, soybean meal and so on when they have just set the fruit, and they often spread it over the operating line to directly overturn, neglecting the step of maturity. In this reminder, organic fertilizer is good, but maturity is a crucial step in determining its use effect. Good fat must be applied.

Straw returning straw to the field is a good way to supplement soil organic matter, which is economical and environmentally friendly. Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences found that if Daejeon returns 200 kg of straw per mu, it can reduce the application of phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer by about 20%. There is also a unique condition for the return of straw to the sheds. The vegetable stalks after pulling out the garden can be returned to the field after being fully tanned (except for the shed where the same kind of vegetables are planted all year round). However, most vegetable farmers think that there are more pathogens in the late growth stage of the leek, and if they are applied to the shed, the incidence of the leek will be increased. In fact, after the straw is fully decomposed, most of the pathogenic bacteria and eggs can be killed. The vegetable growers can use it with confidence. There are many ways to return straw to the greenhouse, such as crop straw (such as corn stalk, wheat straw, etc.), which is first spread in the operation line, which is conducive to the greenhouse insulation and dehumidification, and then turned into the ground when the straw starts to rot. It is also possible to open a ditch with a depth of about 25 centimeters in the planting line to directly lay the crop stalks in the ditch, and sprinkle the biological inoculum that can accelerate the ripening of the straw and then bury it. This straw return method not only can increase the ground temperature in the deep winter, and the carbon dioxide released by straw decomposition can promote photosynthesis.

The addition of bacterial fertilizer has a high content of organic matter. Therefore, increasing the application of bacterial fertilizer not only increases the number of beneficial bacteria, but also increases the amount of organic matter. The addition of biological bacterial fertilizers is conducive to the absorption and utilization of organic fertilizers and nutrients returned to the field by vegetables. At present, there are many kinds of biological bacterial fertilizer on the market, and the quality is uneven. Please pay attention when buying.

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