How to use plant ash?

Ash is a commonly used fertilizer. It consists of plant straw, firewood, litter and other burned residues, mainly potassium.
Plant ash is gray black or black, free of nitrogen and organic matter, only ash and other large trace elements, of which the most is potassium and calcium. Because of the potassium form of plant ash is mainly potassium carbonate, which is sulfuric acid, a small amount of potassium chloride, more than 90% can be dissolved in water, high efficiency.

Grass ash is an alkaline fertilizer. It cannot be mixed with ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate and other ammonium nitrogen fertilizers. It cannot be mixed with human waste or livestock waste. Otherwise it will cause nitrogen to evaporate quickly and fail.

The plant ash is suitable for all kinds of soils other than saline soil, especially for acidic soils. It can be used as basal fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer. The general dosage is about 50-100 kg per mu, and it should be mixed with wet soil before application, but do not use too much water, otherwise the nutrients will be lost.

Grass ash can be mixed with culture soil in a ratio of potted flowers. Not only does it increase potash fertilizer, but it also loosens pots, drains well, and helps root hair. Regardless of cutting soil, sowing seedlings, general potted flowers can use plant ash.

The iodine molecule it releases will kill the bacteria, oxidize active gene in bacteria cytoplasm and combine with amino of protein to change its nature, thus to kill the bacteria, fungi, virus and Amoeba. Its bactericidal activity is proportion to its concentration, and its  corrosivity and irritation to body is also proportion to its concentration.

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