How to warm up greenhouses

How to warm up greenhouses
1. Soil preparation and fertilization: remove field stubbles 15-20 days before planting, and deep-rotate flat stubble; fine-quality decomposed farmyard fertilizers (such as chickens, cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock excrement) 3-4 square centimeters per mu , After mixing with 70% of compound fertilizer and chemical fertilizer dosage, spread spatula evenly.
2. Standards for width and trenching: After fertilization for soil preparation, the width of 1.2-1.3 meters in width shall be crossed, and 40 centimeters wide in the middle and 30 centimeters in depth shall be used. The soil to be excavated shall be placed on both sides. .
3, preparation and dosage of bacteria (fermentation agent): about 4 kg (4 bags) of fermenting agent per mu, 40 kg of wheat bran or rice sugar, (about 3 kg of 60m 7m shed, wheat bran or rice sugar 30 kg, the newer the better.) Mix 1 kg of bacteria with 10 kg of rice sugar and mix evenly. Add about 8 kg of water to mix evenly. You can also mix the good bacteria at 20-25°C for 12-24 hours. (Add water and humidity standard. With hand-poured with good material, fingers see the water droplets do not drip is appropriate).
4, put the straw and fermentative agent: the prepared corn stalk flat put the ditch, after compaction is consistent with the ditch along the edge; straw put, first with 2% urea aqueous solution, spray wet surface straw, Then, the prepared fermentation bacterium was evenly spread on the straw and beaten with iron milling, and the vibration was properly applied to make the part of the fungus fall in the straw layer. It is recommended to use fertilizer to put in 1-2 parts per mu of chicken droppings (or Other livestock manures are evenly mixed with the remaining 30% of fertilizer compound fertilizer. Fertilizer application above can increase fertility and extend fertilizer effect for more than 1 year. The effect is better. This fertilizer can also be used to stratify the middle of straw, but Do not use too much. .
5. Cover soil and irrigation: After the straw, fungicide and fertilizer are applied, cover the soil. Cover the soil with 90% of the excavated earth and put it on the straw. Make sure that the straw is not damaged and the thickness of the soil is about 20 cm. , forming a high sorghum. The remaining 10% of the soil can be made on the channel to a slightly higher point to facilitate the aisle and watering. After the soil is planted, about 10 or so watering, the straw drenched. Watering 2-3 Day afterwards tidy up again. Prepare for colonization. .
6. Colonization and drilling: When planting, open the ditch or dig a hole to plant the seedlings at the distance of 5-10 cm from the ditch. Before the planting, plant the fertilizer (biofertilizer), fungicides, insecticides, and plant the ditch, and drench it. Planting water. Immediately after planting, drill a hole in the return pile. Use 3 cm thick tipped wood brazing or steel brazing to drill holes. The depth of the hole is about 15 cm to penetrate the straw layer diagonally. The purpose is to For good ventilation and release of carbon dioxide. .

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