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The scientific name Cotinus coggygria Emei Common Smoketree Alias ​​red oak tree, tobacco tree family name lacquer morphological characteristics of deciduous shrubs or trees. The crown is round or umbrella-shaped, and the branchlets are purple-brown with white powder. Leaves alternate, broadly ovate to kidney-shaped, petiole slender, purple. Panicle inflorescences terminal, floral unisexual and coexisting with the same strain, yellow petals, inflorescence flowers with purplish feathery stalks present. Drupe small, kidney-shaped. The main points of propagation are sowing and cutting propagation. Seeds should be harvested in time after ripening and should be seeded or sowed in the sowing bed. Before sowing, seeds should be treated with sand for 70 days to 90 days, or soaked in warm water at 80 degrees Celsius. Planting areas should be selected where high dryness does not occur and where there is a large temperature difference. Cuttings are mainly used for root cuttings, and they can also be propagated in different plants. The value of application Huangqi is full of red and bright autumn trees. The famous autumn leaves of Xiangshan Mountain in Beijing's western suburbs are the species. It is an important autumn leaf species in the north of the country. Often planted on a hillside or in front of evergreen trees. Bright yellow wood can be used for furniture, utensils, architectural decoration and carving materials. Leaves can be flowered, with heat, detoxification, anti-inflammatory function.

We mainly export European Chinese onions, garlic and ginger.

Fresh yellow onion and red onion size 60-80mm 70-90mm 90-110mm 10kg/net bag, 20kg/net bag or 25kg/net bag (2019 new crop onion)

Peeled yellow onion and red onion size 60-80mm 70-90mm 90-110mm 10kg / box, 20kg / box, filled with nitrogen, storage time of 90 days.

Frozen onion, frozen onion cube, frozen onion ring 10kg/box or 20kg/box Save for 2 years.

We also offer garlic, ginger and peeled garlic

Our onions have been sold in the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, and Italy, and the quality is very good.

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Garlic.Ginger.onion.peeled Onion.peeled Garlic.frozen Onion Pieces

garlic.Ginger.onion.peeled onion.peeled garlic.frozen onion pieces

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