Identification of the appearance of several vitamin deficiencies

1. Vitamin A deficiency: The diseased chicken's spirit is weak, weak, feathery, unbalanced, unsteady gait, and weak limbs. They often use tail-tailed support and claws to contract. 2, vitamin B2 deficiency: Chicken weakness, weight loss, diarrhea, do not want to move; claws inward contraction, was in a rest position, two wings drooping; two foot spasms, with a toe or a foot to walk, and finally can not walk. 3, vitamin E deficiency: diseased chickens appear motion disorders, paralysis, multiple chicks. The sick young man stays standing, closes his eyes or squats, croaks weakly; the head and neck turn backwards or twists to one side, the action is difficult; the two wings flutter, the balance is fluttering or the legs are convulsed, the paws are flexed, and cannot Standing and lying on the ground, some pose in a reversed posture; some of the sick legs are straight and squatting.

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