Identifying the causes of winter wheat freezing injury

Cold damage during the winter wheat will have a certain impact on the yield, production should be based on the prevention of measures to take precautions. The timely remedial action after the occurrence of frost damage can reduce the loss of production.
There are several factors that cause frost damage in wheat:
The first is that the species has a stronger springiness. Strong spring varieties will pass through the vernalization stage prematurely at low temperatures in winter, and wheat will grow rapidly and even after jointing at low temperatures. When wheat enters the Erlang phase through the vernalization stage, its ability to resist cold will decrease. Prevention can be used to control the growth when wheat seedlings have a prosperous trend and timely repression, deep ploughing and root cutting are adopted.
The second is sowing too early or too late. Early sowing and early winter wheat in the low temperature period through the vernalization stage into the Erlang period, prone to frost damage during winter. Prevention can take measures such as repression, deep ploughing and cutting off roots. When sowing is too late, wheat has fewer tillers before winter, weak seedlings and poor cold resistance. Prevention should be based on less soil moisture or not pouring winter water, more scratching, and promote seedling growth.
Third, excessive nitrogen fertilizer application. Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer makes wheat sprouts grow long, leaves too tender, can not store enough sugar in the tillering festival, easy to be frozen during the winter. Prevention should be controlled by measures such as water control, repression, deep plowing, and root cutting.
The fourth is sowing too deep or too shallow. The sowing depth of wheat can be raised in a range of 10 cm, but when it is over 4 cm, the seedlings are weak, the tillers are late or cannot be tilled, and there is little or no secondary roots of the tillerless wheat seedlings, and the seedlings are thin and poor in cold resistance. Prevention should be strengthened with more management and more water conservation. Seeding is too shallow, the soil is dry, secondary roots cannot be formed, affecting tillering, thin seedlings, and poor cold resistance. Prevention can be combined with root cutting, and irrigation can be moderated to promote secondary roots.
The fifth is excessive drought. Sandy lands have poor water retention capacity, lack of wheat water absorption, affecting tillering and growth, fail to form strong seedlings, and have low resistance to cold. The field with watering conditions should be watered in a timely manner; no watering conditions should be timely scratched, cut off the soil capillary, and reduce water loss.
In winter, when wheat is frozen, it should be treated separately according to the situation. Generally, the rate of dead seedlings does not exceed 50%. Do not plough and replant seedlings. It is necessary to use wheat's own compensation ability to strengthen field management and promote recovery. If the sensation is not too bad, do not rush to water, and you should focus on grading and promote spring delivery. When the field is dry, it is poured into small water, promptly removed, and fertilized according to the seedling conditions.

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