Improve pesticidal effect of pesticides

According to the type and size of pests

Pests can be divided into locust fly locusts, codling moths, spiders, and beetles. Different types of pests use different chemicals. Anti-mite insecticides should be used to extinguish sweeps and eliminate insects that have a strong systemic effect, and insecticides such as moths and other leaf-feeding pests should be recommended to use diflubenzuron and other agents. When the pests are young, the use of an agent has a good effect. After the 3rd instar, two or more agents must be used together. If a certain concentration of penetrant is used, the effect will be better.

Application of pesticides according to the characteristics of pests

Some pests lay eggs on the leaves, others spawn on the leaves; some prefer to eat young leaves, and some like to eat the old leaves; some activities in the upper part of the plant, some activities in the lower part of the plant; some like daytime Food, and some like to eat in the evening. In the prevention and control, according to the above characteristics, appropriate spraying methods will be used to achieve better control effects.

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