Improve the breeding efficiency of the Four Seasons Goose

Seasonal geese can produce eggs all year round, with an annual output of about 80 eggs (ordinary geese produce eggs for 3 months and 40 egg production). Goslings can grow to 4 kg in 65 days. 0.5-0.6 kilograms of mixes can grow 0.5 kilograms of goose. They can also be crushed entirely by green forage or straw. The geese grow rapidly, produce eggs hatching, individual large and disease-resistant. One month of egg production, one month of holding nests, two months of reclamation, one season and one cycle, and one nest of geese can be cultivated in one year. This is very suitable for farmer farming and can save the trouble and expense of purchasing goslings every year. Goose goose can be listed throughout the year. Four Seasons Geese have a strong omnivorous ability, fast growth, and fresh meat, and are deeply loved by consumers. Farmers can make full use of their own advantages to breed the four seasons geese, so that the four seasons goose all the year round green, fine feed, thereby reducing the cost of feeding, yield high efficiency. The scientific feeding and management methods are as follows: 1. Breeding and management of breeding geese 1. Selection and retention of breeding geese: The selection of breeding geese is particularly important in production, which directly affects the fertilization rate of breeding eggs and the survival rate of goslings. The geese should come from different production groups so that they can avoid inbreeding, gain hybrid superiority, and increase the brooding rate. When choosing to stay, attention should be paid to transferring good quality to future generations. Generally, large, strong and open species should be selected according to their appearance. As early as possible, strong for the species, through the selection of 2 times, to determine the election to stay, in addition to the physique of the goslings, but also requires good penis development. The ratio of 1:3 for each group in production is appropriate. 2. Breeding and management of breeding geese: In addition to feeding the green fodder, male geese should be fed with concentrated feed, especially during the breeding period. The goslings are supplemented with concentrates during the egg production period, the waking period and the moulting period. During the rest period, the amount of concentrate should be limited so as not to overweight the geese. Second, the incubation period management 1, identification of swaddling mother goose: the goose lay 15-20 pieces of eggs after the start of "love nest", fluffy feathers, then you can put 3 eggs for their incubation, until after 2 days of stability Incubation. The best hatching in the evening, the number of hatching eggs depending on the size of the goose body, usually around 15-20. 2, the preparation of nests: Huwo should choose a quiet, sheltered, dark environment, some directly use hatch nest hatch, can also be used shorter drapery or cardboard boxes instead, surrounded by brick or hard housing around In order to prevent the mother goose down the nest, due to the bulky body stepping over the nest. The nest is covered with a clean straw or wheat straw, and a layer of sleek pillows are placed on the nest to facilitate turning the eggs. Avoid moving nests throughout the turn of the egg. 3. Artificially assisted turning over the eggs: Although hatching mothers have a strong hold, they will turn their eggs, but in order to increase the hatching rate, they can manually turn the eggs 2 times a day to reverse the side eggs and hearts. 4, according to the egg: Incubation period by eliminating eggs in a timely manner by eliminating lean eggs, dead eggs and other eggs after the timely nest, and provide the basis for production, timely adjustment of production plans.

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