Intel design medical dedicated mobile platform

Release date: 2006-10-09

Intel Designs Medical-Specific Mobile Platform September 28, 2006 — Louis Burns, Intel's Vice President and General Manager of Digital Healthcare, demonstrated a special purpose at the 2006 Intel Information Technology Summit (IDF) in San Francisco, USA First-line patient care nurses and physicians design mobile platforms.
The mobile clinical support platform is based on hospital process research, interviews with healthcare professionals, and ethnographic studies of nurses at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California, USA, designed to help improve Patient safety, reducing medical errors and alleviating the work intensity of medical staff.
This platform contains a range of features and technologies, including: an external box that can be cleaned with a disinfectant; an enclosure that prevents spills and falls; ergonomic features such as integrated handles and lightweight Design; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for fast identification of users and patients; Barcode scanning technology to help reduce dispensing errors; Digital cameras to improve patient registration and disease record; Bluetooth technology to record patient lives Signal; allows the battery to be replaced when the platform is connected to the base, ensuring that the system is uninterrupted; and wirelessly connected to the electronic medical record system.
"In order to improve the quality of medical care and optimize the medical process, the most important task is to deliver the patient's information to the diagnostician in a timely and correct manner, and this information comes from the first time of the patient's onset," Burns pointed out. “This platform is designed for groups that need to view and record patient information in real time.”
Motion Computing, a leading global manufacturer of tablet PCs, will be the leading OEM in the first half of 2007 with the first generation of products based on the Intel Mobile Clinical Assistance Platform. Motion is dedicated to designing tablets for specific vertical industries, including healthcare, field sales and services, and the government industry. The healthcare industry brings almost half of its business and is the company's main focus.
“Motion is excited to be the first company to collaborate with Intel to create a new product category,” said Motion Computing CEO Scott Eckert. “We have long been a supplier of healthcare mobile products, and we look forward to extending the use of integrated mobile technology to healthcare professionals using our mobile clinical supplements.” (Shanghai Medical Device Network)

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