Introduction of swinging high speed Chinese medicine pulverizer

The swinging high-speed Chinese medicine pulverizer uses ultra-high-speed single-phase motor as power to quickly pulverize various soft and hard medicinal materials. Generally, Chinese medicinal materials can be pulverized into 50-200 mesh powder in half a minute, and the granules of the field are crushed into 200 mesh. It takes only one minute to pulverize the pearl into a white surface for only two minutes, which is both uniform and lossless. It is an indispensable peony tool for modern Chinese pharmacies (pharmacies). It replaces traditional peony peony, and its work efficiency is 50 times that of manual peony. It is deeply favored and praised by users! Applicable to clinics, hospital pharmacies, Chinese medicine processing plants for Chinese medicine crushing, Chinese medicine stores, health products sales counters, Valet processing, research institutes, laboratory sample analysis and household food, health products crushing, etc., more suitable for processing workers such as Tianqi, pearls, etc. Carry it with you and use it in the chemical and feed industry!

Feature Description:

1. It is small and beautiful, light in weight and can be moved freely. It has the characteristics of simple operation, no vibration, low noise, energy saving and safety. It is especially suitable for traditional Chinese medicine crushing, pharmacy and health product sales counters in clinics and hospital pharmacies. Processing, research, laboratory sample analysis and household food smashing; instead of traditional peony, the work efficiency can be increased by 50 times.
2, ultra-high-speed motor design, high fineness of medicinal materials (most medicinal materials crushing fineness of 50-300 mesh); wide range of comminution: Sanqi, Shancigu, frankincense, myrrh, Ejiao, dodder, hippocampus, scutellaria, etc. Very smashed.
3, the speed is fast, the pulverization time of traditional Chinese medicine is generally no more than 3 minutes, and the breaking time is no more than 3 seconds.
4, clean and hygienic, do not raise dust when working, the crushing tank and blade are made of stainless steel, in line with the iron requirements of many Chinese medicine.
5, the material is basically no loss, the machine is easy to clean; crushing different drugs will never be tandem.
6, the operation is simple, personnel do not need special training.
7, long-lasting and economical. The blade is made of Japanese special steel and is of the same quality as the advanced razor. It is not necessary to change the knife to crush 100-200kg pieces.
The model of the swinging high-speed Chinese medicine pulverizer includes: 200g swinging high-speed Chinese medicine pulverizer, 300g swinging high-speed Chinese medicine pulverizer, 400g swinging high-speed Chinese medicine pulverizer, 500g swinging high-speed Chinese medicine pulverizer, 800g swinging type High-speed Chinese medicine pulverizer, 1000g swinging high-speed Chinese medicine pulverizer.

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