Inverted hanging plant - Saxifraga

Saxifraga, also known as the golden thread hibiscus, is a perennial herb of Saxifragaceae. Ye Jisheng, with filamentous stolons, shoots rooted on the shoot, and another one. Leaves kidney-shaped, green above, with white reticular veins; below the purplish red, both sides are born with long hairs, such as tiger ears, hence the name. Petiole long, mostly purple. During flowering summer, panicles are irregular white flowers, 2 petals are particularly long, and flowers are sparse. In the cultivar, there is another kind of Saxifraga tricolor. There are white or milky white broad-side inlays with red, yellow and white patches on the leaves. The petiole is short, exquisite and exquisite, suitable for small pot planting. Saxifraga plants are small and exquisite, and the leaves are strangely shaped. They prefer a damp and humid environment. Therefore, they often do bonsai bonsai ornamentation, rock orchard planting materials, and can also be cultivated in ponds, wells, and creeks. The family is more potted and hangs upside down in the room or in the room to admire, giving people a feeling of freshness, elegance and vitality. Saxifrage is produced in various places south of the Qinling Mountains in China. North Korea and Japan also have distributions. They are produced in mountainous areas, river valleys, water streams and other shades below 1,500 meters. Potted plants should use humus or peat soil, fine sandy soil, requiring loose texture and good drainage. Every spring or after the flower pots change soil. High air humidity is required during growth, but basin soil must not be affected by water. There is a period of dormancy after flowering, and water must be properly controlled to make the roots easily rot. The thin liquid fertilizer was applied every 2 weeks in the spring and autumn period, and fertilization was stopped during the dormant period and winter. Saxifrage is more cold-tolerant and generally not subject to freezing injury, but Saururus saxiflora has poor cold resistance, and the wintering temperature cannot be lower than 15°C.

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