It's a good idea if you want rabbits to quickly gain weight and feed rabbit milk.

The Rex rabbit market is optimistic. How to increase the weight of Rex rabbits is an important part of further improving production efficiency. My experience is: Raise rabbits while raising a group of rabbits, let them breed at the same time, but at most a few days. After they were born, the rabbits of the rabbits were properly disposed of, leaving only 2 or 3 rabbits to feed. From the 10th day of life, Aberdeen rabbits were fed 2 times a day. The female rabbits were fed once and the mother rabbits were fed 1 time until they were 25 days old and they were started to supplement feeds such as soy products. Rabbit special feed, carrots, fresh grass and so on. After being fed this way, Aberdeen's rabbits can grow to an average of 0.5 kg in one month and the heaviest one can reach 0.75 kg, which is 0.25-0.35 kg heavier than the conventionally-fed rabbits, and has a strong body, strong disease resistance, easy feeding, and survival. The rate is high. China Agricultural Network Editor