Japanese white rabbit

Native to Japan. It is said that it was produced by crossbreeding of white rabbits and Japanese rabbits of Chinese national rabbits.
Japanese big-eared white rabbits have high fertility, strong physique, and are more resistant to rough feeding, cold-resistant, strong adaptability, large body size, rapid growth and development, and adult weight of 3.5-4 kg. All parts of China are kept. Japanese big-eared white rabbits have large ears, fine auricular roots, and pointed ears, which resemble willow leaves. They are erected backwards with thin ears and vascular network. They are suitable for injection and blood collection. They are ideal for experimental rabbits. Amount of breadth, surface abundance, coat white, thick and soft, red eyes, large area of ​​skin, good texture, thick neck, female rabbit has meat under the neck. High fertility, 4-5 nests per year, 8-10 litters per litter, up to 12. The average weight of newborn rabbits is 60 grams, and the female rabbits have a large amount of milk and good maternal properties. The growth was rapid, with an average weight of 1.4 kilograms at 2 months, 3 kilograms at 4 months, 4 kilograms at 7 months, and an average weight of 4 kilograms per adult. The meat quality was better; the adult body was 44.5 centimeters long and the chest circumference was 33.5 centimeters.
After introduction in our country, pure-complex rabbits are used for testing; meat rabbits used for cross-breeding production are also effective, but better feeding and management conditions need to be given, otherwise the effect is not good.


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