Keeping cows secret

Do not cut off the water from the cow's sink. It is best to allow the cows to drink warm water and ensure that the drinking water is fresh and clean. Add some salt to the drinking water.

Feed more green and juicy feeds that are good for cooling off the sun, and do not feed hot feeds.

Make up as much as possible at 13:00 around the cow to feed 1 feed. Due to the hot weather during the day, the appetite of dairy cows declines, and the temperature at night is low. Feed supplements can increase the intake of dairy cows.

Open the window of the cowshed to reduce the temperature and increase the air circulation. Conditional fans can be installed to reduce the temperature and humidity in the barn.

In the summer days when the temperature exceeds 34°C, it is best to wash the body of cows with cold water at noon. The cows can be showered under conditions to achieve the goal of lowering body temperature.

The windows and doors that cover the oxen and the sun should be shaded, and the sports ground should be selected under the shade of the trees. If there is no shade, the pergola should be shaded.

Off regularly sterilize the shed with 5% of the children's solution, remove the feces in time, eliminate the interference of mosquitoes and flies, make the cow quiet and rest well.