Konjac High-yield Cultivation and Processing Technology

The konjac, also known as the ghost owl, is a perennial herb of the genus Amorphophallus in the Araceae. Taking underground bulbous tubers as edible parts, it contains a variety of essential amino acids and fatty acids. It is a high-fiber, low-calorie health food that has a certain effect on hypertension, malaria, amenorrhea and other diseases.
Konjac hi warm, avoid high temperature, is a half-negative plant. In the average temperature of 15-20 °C, frost-free period of more than 240 days can plant.
I. Cultivation techniques
1, nursery. There are many methods of konjac breeding, generally using clonal propagation. The larger bulbs were cut into pieces (straight or oblique) with 1-2 buds per piece. Or cut the underground stem section into small sections, each section 3-4 sections, with live buds 2-3. Wrap incisions with plants and ashes for 1-2 days. In the spring, 30 cm and 40 cm spacing were planted on the seedbed. In the fall, small bulbs could be formed and used for planting Daejeon in the next year.
2, the election site preparation. Choose deep soil, loose texture, well-drained, organic-rich slightly acidic sandy loam. Deep plowing in winter, after the opening of spring, 2000-3000 kilograms of beef manure per acre is used to plow the fertilizer into the mud, and after mashing and leveling, the seeding ditch is opened.
3, colonization. When the average temperature in the spring reaches 13°C, the seeds can be sown, planted at a spacing of 15 cm and 40 cm, and the buds are upwards.
4, field management. (1) Dressing: When the seedling height is 20 cm, topdressing urea 15-20 kg/mu. In the early stage of new bulb expansion, 15-20 kg/mu compound fertilizer was applied. (2) Intertillage and weed control: The konjac can be cultivated and weeded in the early stage of growth, and it should not be ploughed in later stages to avoid injury to the bulbs. (3) Drainage and flood prevention: The konjac is afraid of drought. When it is dry, it should be watered to keep the soil moist. Drain the flood season. (4) Pest control: soft rot can be used 40% carbendazim 500 times liquid seedlings dip for 10 minutes, dry after sowing; at the beginning of the disease can use the concentration of 20010-6 agricultural streptomycin liquid spray. White feather disease can be sprayed with 1000 times Daisen ammonium solution or 40% carbendazim 500 times solution. Insect pests mainly include sweet potato hawk moth, Spodoptera litura, and ground tigers, which can be killed by hand or controlled with dimethoate and other pesticides.
5, harvest. After the plants wither, if the temperature is above 15°C, underground stems can still inflate. Therefore, 15-30 days after the plants withered, the appropriate harvest period. When harvesting, carry out digging under the petiole and dig the net once to prevent damage to the tubers. Appropriate air drying after harvest, when the skin is dry, stored in the room, keep at room temperature 7-15 °C.
Second, processing technology Konjak products are mainly konjac dry film and konjac flour, the processing method is: the fresh konjac bulbs washed, scraped and peeled, cut into 4 cm 4 cm 2 cm uniform size pieces. In order to prevent the starch from oxidizing and turning black, it can be soaked in 1% lime water or salt water for 1-2 hours and then dried on the mat. In case of rainy weather, stoves can be used for drying: stoves are burned with charcoal, stove racks are covered with a basket, and cheeks are spread. Starting with a large fire and burning a small amount of sulfur smoked tablets, can play a role in bleaching. When the blemish surface is quick-drying, flip and bake it in time. When it is 5-6 dry, use slow fire until baked. Dry product specifications are 2 cm, 2 cm, 1 cm, firm, white, and uniform in size. The dried konjac flakes are crushed with a grinder and become powdered. Pu powder is crushed, sifted, and impurities are removed to become konjac flour.

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