Lack of boron and zinc deficiency cause grapes small fruit

The lack of boron leads to thin and thin inflorescences, poor seed development, or seedless production of small fruit. The prevention and control measures are: increase the organic fertilizer, mainly with grass-tree ash or decomposed rice-straw stalks; during the growth period, apply 30 grams of borax and apply water in proper amount.

Zinc-deficient sandy soil is prone to lack of zinc. When the grape is deficient in zinc, the ear is loose, and there are many seedless and small grains. It is hard and mature and easy to cork. Control measures: strain 0.25 kg of zinc sulfate.

Puffed foods are mainly made of cereals, potatoes or beans, and are made of a bulking process such as baking, frying, microwave or extrusion. The structure has a certain degree of expansion and is crispy and vivid. Casual food with different styles. 
Such as snow rice cake, potato chips, shrimp strips, shrimp slices, popcorn, rice crackers and so on. 
Puffed foods are becoming more and more popular among consumers because of their delicious and crisp taste, convenient carrying and convenient use, wide application of raw materials and varied tastes.

Puffed Food

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