Lean meat breeding techniques

At present, the lean meat percentage of local pig breeds in China is only about 41%, and the binary crossbred pigs produced by mating foreign boars with local sows and the binary crossbred sows and foreign boars produce three Yuan hybrid pigs, the lean meat percentage of up to 50% or even more than 50%, 10 percentage points higher than the local pigs, weight gain speed increased by 10%, less consumption of 5%.
It is best to use full-priced compound feed for lean-type pigs. Practice has proved that lean meat-type pigs require approximately 3,100 kcal per kilogram of digestive energy, 20-50 kilograms of body weight, 16% crude protein, 60-90 kilograms of body weight, and only 14% of crude protein, while lysine , Methionine, cystine and other important trace elements and vitamins must be in a certain proportion. In order to facilitate pig raising, “concentrates” specifically produced by feed mills, such as “concentrates” that cannot be purchased at one time, can be formulated according to the following formulas: (1) 10-20 kg of pig weight: 60.2% of corn, bran 4%, bean cake 28%, fishmeal 4%, yeast powder 2%, salt 0.3%, bone meal 0.5%, compound trace element 0.5%, multivitamin 0.5%; (2) pig weight 21-35 kg: corn 63% 10.2% of bran, 13.5% of bean cake, 6% of rapeseed cake, 5% of fish meal, 0.3% of salt, 1% of bone meal, 0.5% of compound trace elements, 0.5% of multivitamin; (3) Weight of pigs 36-60 kg : 62% corn, 12% wheat bran, 5% bran, 10% soybean meal, 5% rapeseed cake, 3.5% fish meal, 0.5% salt, 1% bone meal, 0.5% compound trace elements, 0.5% multivitamin (4 ) Pig weights 61-90 kilograms were: corn 57%, bran 18%, gluten 6%, soybean meal 9%, rapeseed cake 5%, yeast powder 3.3%, salt 0.5%, bone meal 1%, composite trace elements 0.1 %.
The rearing technique of "open front and rear control" was adopted during feeding. "Before open" means that pigs take multiple feeds or free feed each day before 50 kilograms of body weight, and the feed does not impose restrictions. After 50 kilograms of weight, only two meals a day are provided except for guaranteeing adequate drinking water. Feeding only 80% of fullness per meal is the so-called "post-control." Because after 20 kilograms of pigs, fat is mainly deposited and grows faster. If the pigs are fed too full, the pigs will lose more fat and their lean meat will decrease.
Tests have shown that when pigs weigh between 40 and 60 kilograms, the daily growth of lean meat is 288 grams, and fat is 280 grams. After such as kilograms, there are only 120 grams of lean meat per day, and fat is more than two times that of lean meat. Therefore, lean-type pigs must be controlled at the 90-100 kg slaughter market.

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