Livestock and poultry breeding new tricks

1. Cow live in air-conditioned room. Han Haikou villager Zhang Haiying gave her cow room air conditioning. Talking about this, Zhang Haiying said with a smile: In her feeding process, she found that milk production was high in spring and late autumn, and low in summer and winter. She suspects that the weather is too hot or too cold to affect the cow's milk yield. A large number of technical data on dairy cows can be consulted. There are no records in this regard. They have consulted relevant experts and have not received a definite answer. She consulted with her husband and decided to try it out. Then, in the summer of 2000, they bought a wall-mounted air-conditioner and began experimenting in a cow house. Unexpectedly, this move really works. She adjusts the room temperature to around 22°C every day. This insisted for more than a month, resulting in air-conditioned two cows in the house's milk production has increased to 30kg, and almost the same amount of spring production. The amount of milk produced by a two-headed cow with no air conditioning still remained at 10kg. As a result, all cow houses were air-conditioned. 2. Pig sleep "wire bed". Zhao Zhaozhu, who specializes in raising pigs in Po Zhaocun, is even more ingenious - letting pigs sleep on "wire beds". The pig houses built by Zhao Guozhu, with the exception of a few sow laps, were all separated into two layers by fine steel bars, and food troughs and sinks were welded on the outside of the upper floors by means of iron bars. Zhao Guozhu said that in this way, pigs must eat their heads to the outside of the iron bar, and dung and urine leak to the bottom. Each morning and afternoon, they also rinse the pigsty 1 times, eliminating 1 poison every week to ensure food and fattening environment. Health, pigs are less sick and grow faster. After the pigs slept, the survival rate increased. In 2004, more than 130 fat pigs were sold, making a net profit of more than 20,000 pieces. In 2005, Zhao Guozhu was ready to expand the scale. In addition to covering the piggery, the quail was also prepared to cover several rows of chicken coops, raise fish in the dug-out ponds, plant trees around the trees, and engage in ecological farming. 3. Chicken eat green food. You Zhanqiang, a professional householder of raising chicken in Yousu Village, feeds chickens with quails and lets them eat green foods. The “doctors” who produce “green eggs” are also fresh enough. When asked how to feed chickens, Zhang Zhanqiang was somewhat modest in his humility. He said: "That was learned from books." In the spring of 1999, Zhang Zhanqiang saw from the book that the quail was a good green feed for laying hens. Each kilogram of lotus root powder contains 100-230 mg of carotene, and the crude protein content is also relatively abundant. It has a good effect on improving the quality of eggs, improving the disease resistance of laying hens and improving the hatching rate. So he bought 300 kg of dried cockroaches. The powder is mixed in the chicken feed according to the composition of the book. After trying to feed for a while, I felt that the effect was really good, and I planted 0.27 hectares myself. Easy to manage, and without pesticides, is a pure green feed, and the yield is high, reducing the cost of raising chickens. He told the author that adding only one item to the average would reduce the cost per gram of eggs by 0.03 to 0.04 yuan. He said: “You should not underestimate this 0.03 to 0.04 yuan, and the number of products will increase.”

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