Low-yield Field Transformation, Fertilizer Increasing Production Technology

Low-yielding fields are the main obstacles to the current "two high and one excellent" agricultural production. The area of ​​low-yield fields in the country is estimated to be 1/3 or more. Its characteristics are: acid, alkali, sticky, sand, cold, thin, and barren, leading to poor soil cultivation, crop growth, low yields, and poor economic returns. In the following, the improvement and remediation measures are proposed for the reference of the inferiority of low-yielding fields.

Acid: 1 Use quicklime to neutralize acidity, 40-50 kg per 667 square meters, evenly applied during site preparation. Afterwards, the annual application amount is reduced by 1/2 until it is transformed into neutral or slightly acidic soil. 2 grow green manure and increase organic matter. 3 Increase the number of irrigation (string irrigation can be implemented in paddy field), and rinse the acidity of leaching acid on crops. 4 Plant acid-resistant crops, such as rice, rape, mulberry, tea, sweet potato, sugar cane and other acid and acid-resistant plants. 5 The application of alkaline fertilizers, such as calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, phosphate rock powder, grass ash, ammonium bicarbonate, lime nitrogen, ammonia, etc., have neutralizing and improving effects on acidic soils.

Alkali: 1 use of acidic fertilizers, such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, superphosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, etc., can neutralize alkaline. 2 Plant alkali-tolerant crops such as cotton, bean crops, hemp crops, and underground sturdy crops. 3 Deepen the cultivating layer, clear the “three channels” in place, lower the water level, and irrigate the alkali every year. 4 Increase the use of farmyard fertilizers to fertilize soil texture, promote granule formation, and reduce alkali damage.

Viscosity: 1 mix sand and soil, improve cultivability, adjust sediment ratio, and unify water and fertilizer conflicts. 2 summer waxy winter Ling, mature soil, is conducive to fertilizer and fertilizer. 3 Clean up the "three ditch" to lower the water level and increase soil permeability. 4 Increase the use of organic fertilizers and lime to promote the formation of soil aggregates and coordinate the contradiction between water and gas.

Sand: 1 increase farm fertilizer, add organic matter. 2 Plant underground well-tolerated crops or drought-tolerant crops such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, peanuts, millet, sesame, mung beans, soybeans, and cotton. 3 to improve the soil texture with the soil. 4 afforestation, wind and sand fixation. 5 grow grass green manure.

Cold: 1 increase fertilizer and warm manure (cocks, horses, poultry manure). 2 "Three Ditches" are in place to reduce the water level, often cultivating loose soil (the paddy field is muddy grass). 3 More phosphorus and potassium fertilizers (low phosphorus content in cold-water leaching fields, low potassium content) promote root-sturdy stalks for high yields. 4 The paddy fields will be farmed in the narrow field and the ridge cultivation will be carried out in the dry land to expand the wet and heat preservation range. 5Planting for dry and dry crops, rotation for 2-3 years to reduce pests and weeds.

Lean: 1 plant legumes and green manure, increase soil nitrogen levels and organic matter. 2 Increase fertilizer with high nitrogen content (such as urea). 3 Deepen the cultivating layer year by year to promote the ripening of the soil and simultaneously increase the use of farmyard manure. 4 Implementation of intensive management, promotion of film coverage, post-mulching, and application of surface fertilizer.

Absolute: 1 Take effective measures to comprehensively manage the causes of ridiculousness. 2 Scientific planning, unified arrangements, rational planting and afforestation. 3 Improve the quality of soil preparation, increase the multiple cropping index, and use intercropping. 4 increase farm fertilizer, fertility fertility.

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