Magical use and cultivation

As a nourishing strong anti-aging drug, it is well known. Not only does wolfberry have high medicinal value, but also edible and ornamental value. 1. Medicinal, edible, high-value berries are used as medicines, including carotene, vitamins (A, B1, B2, C), betaine, amino acids, fats, proteins, and sugars. Pharmacological tests have shown that it can enhance human immunity and inhibit cancer cell growth and blood pressure. The root bark of the earthworm (Dendrobium) is used as a medicine to cool the serum and reduce the fire. The young seedlings (Tianjing) or the tender stems are wild vegetables in early spring. They can be fried or chilled and can be chilled. The fragrance is slightly bitter and delicious. It also has the effect of eliminating trouble, strengthening the heart, and clearing away heat and detoxifying. Dry leaves can be used for tea, heat and diuretic, stomach. There is a folk remedy for treating eye diseases: 150 grams of fresh leaves, 150 grams of glutinous rice, and porridge food. 2, the garden beautification of good tree species as a flower to see the fruit into the group of Fangfang, its fruiting period is 6-11 months, after the flower full of fruit bright red translucent. If it is a potted plant, its fruit is still bright as winter. The wolfberry can also be bred into a tree. The pillars must be erected and a thick stem must be left. When the leaves are cut off, they are trimmed and pushed upwards. After several years of time, the trees can be more than 2 meters high. They can also be planted on the rockery. Its plate stone was born through the hole. 3, adaptable and easy to plant pods sprouting strong, from April to August each year issued a number of new shoots at the same time, from the root of a seedling seedlings, cold resistance, hi light, salt and alkali resistance. Its reproduction is divided into sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction The fruit was blisters with water for 1-2 days and softened. The seeds were washed and dried. Sown in late March, cover soil 1 cm, spray immediately after stamping. Seedlings emerged 7 days after planting, seedlings after emergence, and transplanted in the spring of the second year. Asexual reproduction, cuttings, ramets can be, rapid reproduction, early results, cuttings and seedlings are more common, in the collection of good mother trees with an annual thickness of 0.3 cm above the lignified branches, cut into 18-20 cm long cuttings, oblique Inserted in a seedbed, kept moist, with a high survival rate and flowering in the second year. Transplanting was carried out in April and it is easy to survive. Should be planted in well-drained calcareous loam, avoid clay. During the growth period, it is more sun-bathing and watering is controlled. If it is too wet, it will grow poorly. During the flower and fruit period, sufficient moisture should be ensured. One fruit spray should be picked and one water should be poured. In the summer, rust-prone rust disease should be controlled once every 10 days in Bordeaux. The fruit matures from June to November and should be harvested in time for drying or drying.

Wolfberry Processing

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