Main points of fattening techniques for hybrid yellow cattle

First, the right choice of shelf cattle

Choosing foreign cross-breed bulls as the father's cross-breeding improved cattle should select bovine extremities tall, long in shape, loose and elastic in the skin, thin in muscle, clear skeleton, wide but not full, hairy, soft and healthy. Due to the large growth potential of this bovine, fattening effect is good. To choose 2 to 4 years old, weight 318 ~ 363 kg shelf large and thin cattle, such cattle feed intake, high daily weight gain, fattening effect is good, short feeding period, fast cash flow.

Second, improve feed utilization, reduce feed costs

1. Select the appropriate ratio of crude to crude and nutrient levels. Within 30 days, the crude roughage ratio is 3:7 to 1:1, the crude protein content is 12%; in the middle 70 days, the crude roughage ratio is 6:4, and the crude protein content is 11%; In the last 10 to 20 days, the crude feed ratio was 7:3 to 8:2, and the crude protein content of the concentrate was 10%. Generally in the last 10 days, the feed intake of concentrates should reach 4 to 5 kg/head, and the roughage should allow the cattle to feed freely.

2, feed processing to science. (1) Concentrate: For example, the grain size of corn should be above 1 mm and the grain size of sorghum should be 1 mm. (2) The roughage cutting and crushing length is preferably 5 to 10 mm.

3. The rational use of industrial wastes such as brewer's grains and starch slag, combined with additives, can replace 90% of the concentrate feed in the diet, and the daily gain can still reach 1.5 kilograms. Its usage: brewers feed 15 to 20 kilograms per cow per day, plus 150 grams of baking soda, 100 grams of urea, 100 grams of beef cattle additive premix. Starch slag, bean curd residue, sugar, soy sauce residue, feed 10 to 15 kilograms per cow per day, plus 150 grams of baking soda, 100 grams of urea, 100 grams of beef cattle additive premix.

4, full use of feed silage technology, straw ammoniation and fermentation technology. Silage corn is a good feed for fattening cattle. When feeding silage, it can achieve higher daily gain at a lower concentrate level, and urea can be added at 2% of corn silage dry matter, which can be very good effect.

Third, improve feeding techniques and raise the level of feeding

1. For normal beef cattle fattening, the fattening method that restricts the free-feeding of concentrates (that is, the limited feeding at the initial stage of fattening and the free feeding at the late stage of fattening) can be used to increase feed efficiency by 5%.

2, male and female should be kept in separate columns. Generally, bulls gain 10% more weight than yak, calves are 10% higher than cows, but bulls affect growth and development within 1 to 2 months after castration. The use of drugs or hormones castration, medication for a long time, the effect is poor, there are drug residues, hormone residues, meat does not meet the health requirements, so when choosing a shelf cattle to consider the impact of gender on the speed of weight gain, the bull fattening should not go Potential.

3. The use of an appropriate urease inhibitor premix during the fattening process can increase the daily gain of beef cattle by more than 18%.

4. Regularly do a good job in environmental sanitation and epidemic prevention and eradication, regularly drive out parasites in the body and outside, and control and eliminate the occurrence of infectious diseases and internal surgical diseases.

5. When beef cattle are weighed up to 500 kg, they should be slaughtered as soon as possible. After the weight exceeds 500 kg, the daily weight gain will decline, the consumption of material per kilogram of weight will increase, the cost of fattening will increase, and the profit will decline.

Fourth, choose the scientific formula

1. Material formulation based on silage corn (wet weight): 80.8% of silage corn, 17.1% of corn, and 2.1% of cottonseed cake.

2. Feed formulation based on distiller's grain (wet weight) (for example, growing beef cattle weighing 300 kg): 1.5 kg of corn, 15 kg of fresh lees, 2.5 kg of cereal straw, 70 g of urea, 30 g of salt, additive premix 100 g. Due to the low crude protein degradation of distillers grains, it is easy to cause insufficient degradable nitrogen in the rumen and the crude fiber digestibility is reduced. If a certain proportion of urea is added to the distiller's grains diet, good results can be obtained.

3. Formula for beef cattle with a weight less than 300 kilograms on a scale cattle farm: 61 kg of corn, 15 kg of bran, 20 kg of cotton (hybrid) cake, 1 kg of salt, and 1 kg of bone meal. 100 grams of premix per day per cow, 2 kilograms of concentrate, and roughage allows them to feed freely.

4. Beef cattle fattening formula with a weight of more than 300 kilograms on a cattle farm scale: 70 kg of corn, 13 kg of bran, 15 kg of cotton (hybrid) cake, 1 kg of salt, and 1 kg of bone meal. 100 grams of premix per day per cow, 3 to 3.5 kilograms of concentrate, and the roughage allows them to feed freely.

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