Maize three-dimensional intercropping technology

Multi-cropping in dry farming is a three-dimensional planting based on the characteristics of crop growth, depth of root distribution, fertilizer absorption, tolerance to yin and other characteristics, making full use of the potential of natural resources such as time, space, light, heat, water, and soil, and applying modern cultivation techniques. , Combining the planting industry organically and establishing a group structure in which multiple crops are coexisting and arranged at multiple levels, from 2 to 3 ripes a year, mutlilistically multiplying, and increasing the yield per unit area to achieve high yields. Efficient intensive production.

(I) Inter-corn hybrids

1, field selection. Choose soils with loose soil, convenient drainage and irrigation, ventilation and light transmission, and pollution-free plots. Early faba bean is suitable for areas below 1600 meters above sea level and some special microclimate types.

2, good selection. The main crop corn is selected from varieties with high yield, high double-spike rate, and good disease resistance. For example, the maize variety can choose Beiyu No.16, Great Wall 799, and Huidan No.4. The early green broad bean varieties can be selected from Shuangbai Da Zhuangdou and Kaiyuan Da Zhuangdou.

3, suitable for sowing. The main crop corn is sowed at the end of April and transplanted in early May. The seedling age is 8-10 days and the leaf age is 2.5-3.5 leaves. Nutrient blocks or seedling trays are used to raise seedlings. Early-green broad bean is sown 25-30 days before maturity, generally from August 20 to September 10.

4, rational dense planting. Early green beans need to be properly planted with about 12,000 to 16,000 acre per acre and 23-25 ​​kg per acre. The general specification is (40 cm + 20 cm) x 15 cm or 32 cm x 15 cm. Before seeding, seed treatment, soil preparation, weeding, and insect killing are required. In addition, the upper and lower leaves of the functional leaves need to be removed from the corn.

5, scientific fertilization. Base fertilizer needs 3 kg urea per mu, 30 kg of normal calcium, and 8 to 10 kg of potassium sulfate; and 3 to 5 kg of corn-specific compound fertilizer (N:P:K=18:6:6) is applied per mu according to growing conditions.

6, reasonable irrigation and drainage. Green morning beans frightened also afraid of drought, according to business conditions, seedlings timely irrigation and drainage.

7, pest control. Disease prevention and control of rust, red spot disease, brown spot, rust with 15% powder rust wettable powder 50 ~ 75 grams / acre, red spot, brown spot available chlorothalonil, dexamethasone, acetaminophen, etc. Prevention. Insect pest attention to control aphids, spotted fly, aphids can be used 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 1500-2000 times liquid control, spotted flies can be used 75% of litmus killing star WP 5000 times liquid control.

(B) Intercropping soybeans with corn

1, timely sowing. 1 Soybean intercropping soybeans, corn transplanting or live seedlings in early May, sowing soybeans after sowing in the corn or live seedlings after sowing; 2 corn interplanting soybeans, sowing soybeans before and after autumn (August 5-15).

2, species selection. Maize species can choose Changbeiyu No.16 and Great Wall 799. Soybean varieties were selected to have short growth periods, short plants, and high yields, such as 8157, Taiwan 292, Zhongpin 661, and Tiefeng 29.

3, rational close planting. 1 Maize was transplanted with wide and narrow rows, and 200 cm was a composite belt, with 40 cm in small rows and 160 cm in big rows. Maize was transplanted with seedlings or broadcast live, and transplanted with 3300 to 3700 ponds per mu (for single plants). Transplant two rows of corn in a small row, 18 to 20 centimeters away from the plant; within the large row of three rows of soybeans, soybeans and corn from the distance of 45 cm, soybean spacing 35 cm, 35 cm from the pond, planting 2800 ponds per acre. 280 centimeters of a line of corn, 40 cm from the corn line of soybeans, 35 cm from the pond, planting 2300 ponds per acre.

4, scientific management. 1 During the site preparation, Mushi high-quality farmyard fertilizer is 1500-2000 kg, general calcium is 30-40 kg, potassium fertilizer is 8-10 kg, or corn-specific compound fertilizer (N:P:K=18:6:6) is 30-40 kg as the base fertilizer. ; Transplanted corn or Mushi dedicated compound fertilizer (N:P:K=18:6:6) 10 kg in the transplanting ditch as a base fertilizer when transplanted; when the maize is 4 to 5 leaves, the Mushi applies 10 to 15 kg of urea; Do Miao Fei; Big bell mouth Mu topdressing 25 to 30 kilograms of urea; soybean after emergence according to the growing situation in the 3 to 4 leaf Mushi dedicated fertilizer (N: P: K = 18: 6: 6) 10 ~ 15 kg for Miaofei 2 According to the growing season of crops and field weeds, timely cultivator weeding, timely control of pests and diseases.

(III) Potato Seed Potatoes

1, choose a good species. Maize selected Huishan Shandan No. 4, Great Wall 799, Chudan No. 7, Beiyu 16 and other high-yield disease-resistant hybrids. Potato selection will be -2, cooperation 88, Zhongdian Red, Mira and other varieties with high yield and disease resistance.

2, timely sowing. The amount of 2 kg of maize seedlings will be planted on May 15 to May 25, and the amount of 110 acres of potato will be seeded on May 15 to May 25.

3, planting specifications. The corn is 200 cm long and the corn is planted in two rows. The small row is 40 cm in length, the spacing is 18-20 cm, and the acre is planted in 3300-3700 rows. The potato is planted in the corn wide row with two rows, 30 cm spacing, 30 cm spacing, and mu. 2200 ponds.

4, full base fertilizer. With nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, when sowing, the base fertilizer is distributed along the ditch in the corn row ditch, with 50 kg of common calcium per acre, 5 kg of urea, and 5 kg of potassium sulfate. Base fertilizer is distributed along the ditch in the potato ditch. 30 kg of calcium and 5 kg of potassium sulfate.

5, scientific fertilizer. In combination with cultivating soil and timely top dressing, corn is applied with seedling fertilizer at the 5 leaf stage, 10 kg of urea is applied per mu, applied fertilizer is applied at the 7-8 leaf stage, 20-25 kg of urea is applied, and panicle fertilizer is applied at the 9-10 leaf stage. Mu application of urea 15 ~ 20 kg, each with a combination of cultivator spade or cultivator cultivator soil; after the potato with cultivator spade rake or cultivator soil early application of fertilizer, urea per acre 5 to 10 kg.

6. Pest control. (1) Underground pests: Use 2.5% Kung Fu or 2.5% enemy-killed 1:1000-times spray to spray maize. (2) Corn borer or aphid: It can be combined with the control of corn leaf spot, 2.5% kung fu or 2.5% enemy kill 1:1000 dilution and 18% leaf net 1:2000 dilution, 40% fuji No. 1: 1:1000 times or 75% tricyclazole 1∶5000 times for spray prevention, once every 7 days, 2~3 times in succession; (3) Potato late blight: use 58% of the nail cream in the period of potatoes. Manganese zinc wettable powder or 70% mancozeb wettable powder 1:500 times spray control, once every 7 days, continuous 2-3 times.