Making roasted flowers

“Roasted Codfish” is a specialty dish on the “Full House” of Confucius. The Confucius House is a reception banquet for members of the royal family, a “pilgrimage” and reception of high-ranking officials. The “Manchu Hanban” includes dishes such as “grilled suckling pig” and “grilled salmon”. "Roasted squid" is a seasoned squid marinated with a net oil, wrapped around the shape of the outside, and then wrapped in dough, so that the flavor is not spilled, and then made of charcoal barbecue small fire. Fresh fish, fresh oysters thick.
Ingredients: 1 squid (weighing about 1250 grams), 100 grams of chicken tenderloin, 25 grams of fatty meat, 15 grams of water-dried scallops, water-fat sea cucumber, 10 grams of winter bamboo shoots and winter mushrooms, ham, pork belly, and Shaoxing wine Each 50 grams, 1 egg, 1 pignet oil, 150 grams of flour, 5 grams of salt, 2 grams of scallion, 1 g of ginger, 10 pepper.
1, the squid to scales, remove the ridges and tails, tail, remove the viscera from the mouth, wash the water, hold your hands and hold the fish mouth in the boiling water, quickly put into the cold water, scrape off the dark spots. Cut the fish chin with a knife, hit the knife on both sides, place it in the dish, add Gaoshi wine, salt, scallion, ginger, pepper, pickled for about 15 minutes.
2, chicken tenderloin to remove tendons, and fat and meat together into a fine mud, add egg white, Shao liquor, salt and mix thoroughly, stir into the chicken material spare. Pork pork cut into 0.7cm square d, into the boiling water pot cooked fish out. Sea cucumbers, winter bamboo shoots, and winter mushrooms are all cut into small pieces of 0.7cm square, and the scallops are boiled in a pot of boiling water and mixed with diced meat. The ham was cut into slices of 6 cm in length, 2 cm in width, and 0.3 cm in thickness.
3, pig net oil pieces to thick ribs, repaired on the four sides spare. The flour (125 grams) is added with fresh water and into a dough and thinned into thin skin; the remaining flour is added with fresh water and a paste.
4. Pick up the pickled squid and put a variety of ingredients on the fish belly. Use a string to tie the fish mouth. Put a piece of ham on each sloping edge of the fish, and then apply the chicken material. Put it on a flower net oil, wrap it around and wrap it around, then wrap it in a well-made dough, place it on a ladle, and bake it on a charcoal grill. Roast the front, then bake the back, then bake it for about 1 hour, remove it and put it in the dish (fish back toward the bottom), uncover the dough, squid oil, buckle into the fish dish (fish back up), remove the dough and Spend net oil, untie the rope of the mouth and serve.
Features: It is red in white and delicious. It is served with ginger and balsamic vinegar. It tastes better.
The key: Wash the squid, first pickle with seasoning, make it absorb the seasoning, and then wrap it up slowly and slowly with a small fire.