Making spicy canned soft cans

A large number of small fish caught on the shore are difficult to sell and are not storage-resistant. The use of traditional salting, dry processing, can not sell the price. How to do?
A new way of adding value is introduced, namely the use of these small fish to make spicy soft cans. This soft canned spicy fish, the entrance is soft, spicy and fresh, unique flavor, and carrying, eating convenience, much consumers.
1. Raw material selection and treatment Select small fish with complete body shape, normal odor, muscle elasticity and good freshness, squeeze the viscera, rinse thoroughly, and try to remove the scales.
2, salting per 100 kilograms of small fish plus 1 kilogram of salt, 0.5 kilograms of cooking wine, turn and mix evenly for 20 minutes. In order to make the salt fully penetrate evenly, the middle turns again 1 or 2 times.
3, fried salted salted fish and then drained, washed with water again, put the sun drying to 80% dry, into the pan. Oil temperature 160 ~ 180 °C, time 2 to 4 minutes, put about half of the amount of oil. When it is fried, it should be gently turned and the fish can be removed when it is light yellow. The small fish picked up was placed on the wire mesh and the debris was filtered out and let cool.
4. Preparation of seasoning liquid formula: sugar 150 grams, 45 grams of MSG, 75 grams of pepper, aniseed 50 grams, pepper 60 grams, 450 grams of gelatin powder, 180 grams of ginger, 180 grams of garlic, 180 grams of onion, chili oil 50 Ml, 10 ml of vinegar essence, 3 kg of salt, 5 kg of soy sauce, and 80 kg of water. Ginger, onion, and garlic are washed and smashed, and they are put into a gauze bag and put into a pot of quantitative water with pepper and aniseed material. After the water is boiled, add salt, sugar, pepper, and soy sauce respectively. After mixing, keep it slightly boiled for 25 minutes. Add gelatin powder and stop heating after melting. Mix the MSG, chili oil, and vinegar essence and mix well. Filter for use.
5, bagging sterilization according to 75% of small fish, 25% of the seasoning liquid weight into the cooking bag, after sealing the sealer into the retort. Steam sterilization in the range of 105 ~ 108 °C for 50 ~ 60 minutes, after the pan gradually cooled to room temperature that is the finished product.