Management points of small-scale pig farms

1. Pay attention to the construction of a biosafety system. 1 Although the scale of the pig farm is small, attention should be paid to the internal and external environment of the pig farm. The piggery requires ventilation, sunny growth and drying. 2 The pig house should be far away from the residential area. Trees and grass should be planted around the pig house. Planting 5-10 meters wide deciduous windbreaks around the farm is beneficial to herd health. 3 In winter, pigs in pigs of weanling piglets and weaned pigs should be equipped with straw lamps and incubators to increase the ambient temperature. In the summer, the adult pigs should do a good job in preventing heatstroke, such as showering, increasing ventilation and so on. 4 Reduce the rearing density, suitable for a density of 0.25 square meters per head. 5 Dung can not be piled up everywhere and should be transferred in time. 2, pay attention to science. 1 The pig farm should hire a full-time veterinarian. If the conditions are limited, several pig farms can jointly hire an experienced veterinarian to require the veterinarian to visit the hospital every 10-15 days for timely detection and early detection. 2 Although the farms are small, they should also be disinfected. Any person entering or leaving the farm must wear work clothes and be strictly disinfected. 3 Livestock and poultry waste cannot be directly fed to pigs, but can be used after retort sterilization. 3, using artificial insemination technology. Many small-scale pig farms do not raise boars themselves. The best way is to use artificial insemination to reduce the spread of diseases. This is an effective way to reduce costs. 4, a reasonable preparation of feed. Green feed should not be used too much. It is best to ask technical consultants to formulate feed formulations based on the type of pig and local feed conditions. Different stages of pigs should use different feed formulations. 5. Weaning properly earlier. Weaning at the age of 40-60 days was weaned at 28-35 days to ensure that the sow had an annual output of more than 2 children. 6, according to the law of the market to adapt. 1 Pigs on small-scale pig farms are often sold locally, and varieties should be selected based on the preferences of local residents to ensure the smooth sales of fat pigs. 2 The pig farm can adjust the weight of the listed pigs according to market rules. When the price of Miao Pigs is high, they can be sold after weaning; if the price of pigs is poor and the price of Miao Pigs is low, the Fatty Pigs can be sold.

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