Measure the germination rate of wheat seeds skillfully

1. Soil determination method: Take two kinds of wheat (100 grains each), choose fertile, water-retaining soil, smooth 30 square centimeters, open two small ditch, about 3 cm in depth, and broadcast the two kinds of wheat seeds separately Into the two ditch and cover the soil, 7 days after the shaved out wheat seed, you can determine the germination rate. 2. Wet towel test method: take two kinds of wheat (50 pieces each), first soak the wheat seeds in water for 24 hours, then place two kinds of wheat seeds on two wet towels, and put wet towels on the sides. Roll up. After the towel is kept moist every day, the towel is opened after 7 days and the germination rate of the wheat seed can be measured. 3. Toilet paper test method: Take two kinds of wheat seeds (50 tablets each), moisten the toilet paper first, and then place it in a container, put wheat seeds on the toilet paper, put a layer of it, and cover a layer of toilet paper until the wheat seeds are used. Finished. After the toilet paper was kept moist, the toilet paper was opened after 7 days to calculate the germination rate of the wheat seeds.

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