Measures to increase sows' multiple births

First, strengthen the sow's feeding and management in the empty period of the sow, during the middle of pregnancy and lactation late feeding more raw materials, appropriate feeding green materials; early pregnancy, late lactation sufficient supply of protein, minerals and vitamin-rich fine Materials and green and juicy feed, at the same time to provide a relatively stable living environment for sows, as far as possible to reduce the crowd, drive away, fighting and other external stimuli.

Secondly, the best arrangement for sow mating season is best to choose the breeding season from April to May, and then to breed again from September to October, and repeat the cycle so that the sows can breed in the spring and autumn seasons to avoid cold and heat. Winter and summer environment.

Third, timely breeding should be "old with early, small with late, not old with small". Under normal circumstances, from 19 hours to 30 hours after the estrus, the swollen vulva of the sow just begins to subside, and a fibrillar mucus flows out. When the sow is hindquartered, it is timely and mated, and the first-time sows are born. To start breeding at 7 months to 8 months of age and weighing more than 100 kg.

Four, breeding methods and artificial insemination must be used in double match (that is, the appearance of waiting for reaction with the first time, with 12 hours interval again), this can significantly increase the conception rate and the number of litters, if the use of artificial insemination technology, must be used The sperm of the healthy and excellent male and female sows need more than 40 million sperms per milliliter of semen, and the sperm motility is above 0.6. The device must be strictly sterilized. The genital portion of the sow is first washed with 0.01% KmnO4 solution, and then the vas deferens is slowly Insert 20 cm to 30 cm into the cervix. Then connect the insemination syringe and slowly inject 20 ml of semen. Repeat the second insemination every 12 hours.

Fifth, strengthen the fetal protection measures Sows 9 days to 13 days after mating and easy to abortion 21 days before delivery, should particularly strengthen the fetal protection measures, try to supply protein, minerals, vitamins and other rich fine material and green juicy feed, avoid Feed froze spoilage feed. Pregnant sows try to avoid mechanical irritations such as crowding, biting, slipping, whipping, scaring and so on. Farm breeding should be detailed records to avoid inbreeding. The prevention and treatment of epidemic diseases must be carried out in pig farms, especially the prevention of Japanese encephalitis, epidemic influenza, brucellosis and other diseases. Pregnant women with abortion should be immediately injected with 15 mg to 25 mg of progesterone and should be given a sedative orally.

Sixth, do a good job sow birth tiller work 5 days to 10 days before delivery, clean the production circle, and use 10% to 20% of the fresh lime water spray disinfection, with 2% -5% before the production of the Le Sur liquid Disinfect the sow's abdomen, breast, and pus. After the sow has given birth, the mucus in the nose of the piglet is promptly removed and the fetal membrane is torn off. For parachute piglets, first-aid can be performed by tapping the chest, lifting the hind legs, and irritating the alcohol. For the difficult-to-produce sows to do a good job midwifery, so that the sows will have a smooth delivery. In addition, insulation is especially important for newborn piglets. When the piglets are born, the temperature of the tillers must be maintained at 26 °C ~ 32 °C, and the weaning time is 26 °C ~ 28 °C.

Seven, piglet weaning and sow feeding during lactation pay attention to piglets iron, feed and keep warm and cool, prevent pressure. 35-day-to-40-day-old weaning. In general, sows are given aphrodisiacs 3 to 5 days after weaning. After the sow is estrus, it is necessary to immediately perform breeding during the lactation period in order to increase the number of births per year.

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