Measures to prevent fish diseases

The occurrence of fish diseases is mostly caused by unsatisfactory water quality, improper feeding and management, or weak fish defense capabilities. Therefore, under the premise of good water quality and scientific feeding and management, the prevention of fish diseases mainly from the control of disease sources and enhance the fish disease resistance.

According to the technical experience of the high yield of fish farming in ponds in the Pearl River Delta, the measures to prevent fish diseases are mainly based on the improvement of water quality and feeding management, and the following four points are implemented:

1, adhere to clear pond disinfection. Disposing quicklime 125-150 kg per meter deep per acre of ponds, or using 35-45 kg of tea bran and 15-20 kg of lime, can also receive good results.

2, stocking healthy and disease-free fish species. If the fish species come from a foreign country, the fish body is first disinfected before the pond is laid down.

3, regular feeding disease prevention drugs. During the feeding process, regular preventive medicines, such as sulfadiazine and other pharmaceutical feeds, are administered.

4, immune injection. During the time of seeding and the peak period of fish disease, immunization and disease prevention are performed.

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