Mechanical seal installation, operation instructions

Mechanical seal installation, operation instructions
1. In order for the mechanical seal to have good sealing properties, the equipment for sealing should meet the following requirements:
a. The outer diameter dimension of the shaft (or bushing) on ​​which the mechanical seal is installed is h6, and the surface roughness Ra is not more than 3.2um.
b. When the outer diameter of the shaft (or bushing) on ​​which the mechanical seal is installed is not more than 50 mm, the radial runout tolerance is ≤0.04 mm; the outer diameter is greater than 50 mm≤0.06 mm.
c. The axial displacement of the rotor of the equipment with mechanical seal is ≤0.3mm.
d. The shaft, the sealing cavity (pump cover) and the mechanical seal itself must be cleaned during installation to prevent impurities from entering the sealed installation site.
2. The installation of the mechanical seal is carried out during the assembly of the pump. After the pump shaft is mounted on the bearing housing and the sealing components of the bearing housing are installed, install the mechanical seal as follows:
a. Before installation, confirm that the product model and specifications are consistent with the equipment requirements.
b. Evenly apply oil to the shaft where the seal is installed, the cavity and the gland and the auxiliary seal ring. (Note: For ethylene-propylene rubber or medium, it is not allowed to inject lubricating oil, apply vegetable oil or soapy water.
c. Put the mechanical seal on the shaft and install it in place according to the designed working height.
d. Over-press the cover through-hole, adopt the diagonal cross-tightening method, and bolt the whole seal to the sealing cavity (pump cover).
e. When the mechanical seal is equipped with an auxiliary system, connect the pipeline correctly according to the indication.
3. Test drive
a. After the above steps are completed, manually crank, pay attention to the change of torque, and whether there is abnormal noise or not, to determine whether to reinstall and adjust.
b. Open the valve, open the sealing medium into the sealed cavity, and exhaust all the air from the sealed chamber, so that all the sealed chamber is filled with medium, and observe whether there is leakage in the seal.
c. Confirm that the above two items are correct and proceed with the test run.
4. Operational precautions
a. When the equipment is running, pay attention to observe whether the control instrument is normal, whether the equipment has abnormal noise and overheating.
b. Pay attention to the leakage of the seal at the initial stage of operation. Under normal circumstances, the initial leakage may be too large, but after a period of running, the leakage will decrease or even close to zero.
c. During the test run, attention should be paid to the vibration and sound changes of the equipment. Due to the difference in thermal expansion between the shaft and the casing, the machine may vibrate, in which case a seal failure may be induced. At this time, stop and adjust and strengthen the pipeline, coupling, anchor bolts, etc.

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