Medicinal Plant Asparagus Stalk Rot

Symptoms mainly harm young shoots. Young bamboo shoots were found to have been damaged, and water-soaked spots appeared on the surface of stems. They gradually expanded and then invaded the stems, causing rot and disintegration of stem tissues. As the transport of water is inhibited, the above ground is withered. Humidity can be found on the surface of the stalk tissue white mycelium, the mycelium of the bacteria. The disease has become increasingly serious and production should be noted.

Pathogen Pythium sp. is a type of Pythium spp. belonging to the flagellin subphylum fungi. The morphological characteristics, transmission routes, and onset conditions of the pathogens can be referred to damping-off. The average temperature of 22-28 °C, the rainy season or more than cloudy days, humidity is easy to disease.

Prevention methods (1) Promote the application of compost or decomposed organic fertilizer made from Japanese enzyme bacteria. (2) The use of sorghum or ridge cultivation should not be too dense. (3) Strengthen field management, timely drainage after rain, and reduce soil moisture. (4) timely excavate diseased bamboo shoots, concentrate deep or burn, and reduce the source of bacteria. (5) Use drip irrigation or sub-film irrigation to prevent flooding. (6)

In the early stage of disease, it can be sprayed or irrigated with 70% ethoxylated Mn Zn WP 500 times or 64% antimony WP 500 times, 72% DuPont Glucosamine, or clenbuterol, urea MnZn ( Ke Kang Ling) Wettable powder 800-1000 times, 69% Anke manganese zinc wettable powder 1000 times. The drug was stopped 3 days before harvest.

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