Medicinal plant Fritillaria mold

Symptoms Gray mold is one of the important diseases of Fritillaria. It mainly damages the leaves and stems. The leaves were infected with dark green dots. After the lesions expanded, the central yellow was brown and surrounded by dark green. The lesions had yellow halos around the lesions, so they were also called eye diseases. The leaf veins in the lesions are necrotic and the lesions spread to both ends, forming long strips of dead spots. Stem infected with dark green lesions, spread around the stem after a week caused by plant death.

The pathogen Botrytis elliptica (Berk.) Cowe is called Botrytis elliptica, a fungus belonging to the genus Deuteromycotina. The hyphae became white at first and turned dark brown later. Conidiophores erect, with 3-5 branches, with 1-3 diaphragms, clustered with grape-like conidia at their tip. Conidia colorless to light brown, oval or spherical, unit cell, size 16-3215-24 (μm), the top with sharp protrusions. Sclerotia are formed in the later stages of mycelial growth. Sclerotia black, spherical or irregular shape, size 0.5-1.4mm.

Transmission routes and pathogenic conditions The bacterium sclerotates with the diseased body or in the soil, and germinates in late March and early April in the following year. The conidia infect the fritillary, and later the diseased part produces spores for reinfection. The mother-of-mouth mussels form the onset center in early April. Temperature 19-23 °C, with continuous rain, the disease spread quickly.

Prevention methods (1) rotation. (2) In the initial stage of onset, spray 50% Suo Ke Ling wettable powder 1000-1500 times liquid or 50% Propionine wettable powder 1000 times liquid, 50% thiophanate-methyl wettable powder 900 times liquid. The area where resistance to the above fungicides can be used can be changed to 65% tokamycin wettable powder 1000 times.

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