Misunderstanding of operating crawler harvester

Due to the adaptability, the track-type harvester has advantages such as strong wheel type, good harvesting quality, and high profitability, and is increasingly favored by a large number of users. However, some operators have improperly operated, which seriously reduces work efficiency and quality.
First, free to pull the steering hand. Some operators focused their attention on the operation, and both hands inadvertently pulled the steering handle. As a result, the harvester quickly turned and the front part overwhelmed the crop to be cut; overwhelming crops were difficult to reach into the harvesting table. loss. Therefore, in the case that the harvester is kept straight and full-width cutting, it is necessary to stabilize the steering handle; when turning the ground, observe good directions and strive for accurate one-time positioning.

Second, when you turn around, you will not rewind first. In this way, the cutting part that is being advanced is turned in contact with the crop, and the crop to be cut is moved along. Therefore, when turning the head (180), it is necessary to take a step backwards to fully separate the cutting part from the crop that has been in contact.
Third, quickly harvest pest-injured crops. The eucalyptus leaves that have been eaten by insects are easily broken together with the grains, making it difficult to screen them. If the harvesting speed is too fast, the grain and the loquat leaves are too late to separate and are blown to the ground together.
Fourth, do not reversing over the field or uphill. The center of gravity of the combine harvester is ahead, if it is going uphill or past, the front is raised, the center of gravity is shifted backwards, and the center of gravity is moved forward when the slope starts to fall, the whole opportunity suddenly falls, easily colliding with mechanical parts and even injuring the operator. .

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