Multi-flavored tomato juice processing technology

The multi-flavored tomato soup is a kind of sweet, sour and spicy compound taste, bright color, and beautiful appearance. It is made from tomato as raw material, supplemented with sugar, ginger mud, acid and other auxiliary materials, and obtained through a reasonable sugar infiltration process. Vegetable sugar products. The product overcomes the disadvantages of high sugar content, monotonous taste and the like of the traditional tomato tart, and has the physiological effects of sweating, appetizing and the like of ginger. The following are the issues that should be noted in the processing technology and processing of products:
First, the process of choice of materials → → cleaning → hot burnt peeled → repair cutting → hardening → low sugar cooking → impregnation → high sugar cooking → dipping → drying → shaping → packaging → finished products.
Second, the operating point
1. The choice of ingredients to select fresh tomatoes, red color, fruit shape and flavor are good, not harmed by pests, pulp hardness, fruit flesh hypertrophy, less seeds, less juice, strong cooking, high yield, Luocheng No.1, Kiwi and other oblong varieties are most suitable.
2. Wash the tomato into the sink and wash the skin.
3. Boil hot and peel the tomato down 95 °C -98 °C hot water in the hot 1 minute, hot to the skin easily detachable, and then immediately get cold water, peeling.
4. Trim the cut tomatoes and remove them with a knife to dig the worm's eyes and cut them into two.
5. Hardening The chopped tomato pieces are poured into a calcium chloride solution having a concentration of 0.6% and soaked for 2 hours to 2.5 hours.
6. Low sugar cooking and impregnation Preparation of sugar concentration of 18% -20%, the amount of raw materials and sugar pot determined. Add 2% ginger (mashed fresh ginger) to prepare sugar ginger juice. The sugar ginger juice heated to boiling, and then down the tomato, boiled for 10 minutes -15 minutes, adjust the concentration of sugar to maintain at about 20%, pour into the dipping tank, soak for 24 hours.
7. High-growth sugar brewed and impregnated. Prepare a sugar solution with a concentration of 40% and add 0.2%-0.3% citric acid and 2% ginger, heat to boiling, and pour the soaked tomato in a pot. During each additional minute of time, add white sugar, so that the sugar concentration will always reach about 50% -55%, pH value of 2.5-3, cooking time 10 minutes -15 minutes, the tomato from hard to soft, stop heating, soaking 48 hours.
8. Dry the immersed tomatoes and rinse the ginger in the sugar liquid, remove and drain the attached sugar liquid, and place them evenly on the baking tray and place in the oven at 60°C-65°C. °C: Bake at a temperature of about 10/hour, and pour the pan up and down, and continue drying at 50°C for 24 hours. Bake until cool, and touch it with hands. It is not damp and elastic.
9. Shaping and packing Tomato tarts are packed and packed.
Third, product quality standards
1. Sensory index color: dark red; taste: sweet and sour palatability, spicy ginger, and tomato fruit flavor; organizational form: fruit shape full, transparent, tough and elastic population.
2. Physical and chemical indicators Sugar content: 55% -55%; Moisture: 18% -20%.
3. Microbiological indicators are free from corruption caused by pathogenic bacteria.
Fourth, the production of quality problems and solutions
1. Dry shrinking causes insufficient sugar in the fruit pod or uneven sugar intake. After drying, the surface of the fruit is shrunken and is not full, which seriously affects the sensory quality of the product. The following measures can be taken to prevent shrinkage.
(1) When the sugar is soaked, the sugar concentration should gradually increase from low to high, so that the sugar can fully and evenly penetrate into the tomato tissue. If conditions permit, vacuum infusion sugar process should be used.
(2) Hydrocolloids such as gelatin, pectin, CMC-Na, carrageenan and the like may be added to the permeate of sugar ginger, and the role of these hydrocolloids in filling the tomato tissues is to make the product plump, transparent, and lustrous.
(3) If large quantities of commercial products are produced, the dried tomato pods can be immersed in a 0.6% solution of carrageenan, removed by draining, and dried at 80°C-85°C for 15-20 minutes. Form a layer of dense gel coat to improve the product's sensory quality.
2. During the browning process of the product, in order to prevent discoloration of the tomato, sodium sulfite may be added as a color-retention agent, and the ratio between sodium bisulfite and water is 1:5. Adding a good color-protecting agent to the sugar water for sugar cooking, the amount of which is 0.2% of the weight of the sugar water.
3. Boil to prevent rotting method:
(1) Choose ripe tomatoes for processing;
(2) using intermittent heating method, the heating time is not easy to be too long;
(3) Harden before cooking.
4. Shelf life problem The product can be stored for 3 months at room temperature. If you need more time, you can take the following measures
(1) Ensure that storage conditions should be stored in an environment with good hygienic conditions, ventilation and temperatures around 10°C;
(2) Vacuum packaging can be used;
(3) A small amount of preservatives such as sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate may be added to the sugar liquor.

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