Mung bean glutinous rice stuffed with pig intestines

Mung bean: water swelling, detoxification;

Glutinous rice: Bu Zhong Yi Qi, warm the spleen and stomach;

Pig intestine: The main thirst, the number of urine;

Crispy water: sugar 10, maltose 10, vinegar 10, sugar 1, fresh lemon;

First, the pig's intestines are washed in warm water, and the pig's intestines are pulled out during cleaning. The pig intestines are then cut into 5-6 inch sections. The pig intestines are then tied tightly with a cotton thread, and the glutinous rice and mung bean brewed in advance are mixed. Into the pig intestine. Mix glutinous rice and green beans with salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper. Fill the pig's intestines with a cotton thread to fasten the other end. After washing with water, stew in boiling water.

This is the crispy water to be used for a while. It is prepared with white vinegar, vinegar, maltose, sugar, and fresh lemon. After the large intestine is cooked, it is used to dip the large intestine to make it dry quickly and delicious.

The large intestine can cook for 2 hours after being simmered, and then it is poured on the boiled large intestine repeatedly with crispy water and dried for 24 hours. At this time, the soft large intestine becomes firm.

Heat the oil and drench the large intestine in the oil and fry until the skin of the intestines is golden brown. The large intestine oblique knife cut into thin slices, so that this road has a pure smell of food, can go to the heat, hangover poison, warm stomach spleen mung bean glutinous rice stuffed pig intestines can be eaten.