Mushroom harvesting and processing technology

1, dry mushrooms picking standards. The best period for picking dried mushrooms is to open the umbrella with 6-8 percent of the cap. It is to be called "large curling edge" or "copper edge". Before the rainy day, all the white mushrooms must be picked and dried immediately. 2, mushroom technology, holding the fungus tube in one hand, the base of the mushroom shank in one hand, shake it first, and then pull it upwards. Do not leave roots, do not bring large pieces of base material, do not damage the tube bag film, do not touch small mushroom buds, pick mature and keep prosperous young mushrooms. 3, dehydration technology. In order to make full use of energy and combine sun and baking, mushrooms are picked after 10 o'clock in the morning, and the sun can be dried for more than half a day before being baked in a baking oven. To improve quality, dehydration dryers must be used. 4, baking technology. Start temperature 30-35°C, 30-45°C for more than 6 hours, large exhaust, half return air. 50 °C for 6 hours, large return air, 60 °C positive and negative 2 °C, until drying, large exhaust, large return air, not more than 65 °C, general thick mushrooms bake 18-22 hours, mushrooms about 10 - 12 hours is appropriate.

                                                                  Bed Head Unit For Ward

The  Medical Bed Head Unit is made of aluminum alloy sections, of which the surface is treated with acrylic painting or electrostatic spray. It is equipped with the dismountable panel, three built-in cabling channels for gas, strong electricity and weak electricity, and external leakage protectors, bedside lamps, large toggle switches, five-hole multi-function socket, gas terminal and Medical wards calling system. The hospital can choose the appropriate color in line with the environmental requirements.

Bed Head Unit For Ward

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