New agricultural machinery purchase opinion reference

With the implementation of the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy project, the enthusiasm of the majority of agricultural machinery households to purchase agricultural machinery products is high. Agricultural machinery products are also varied. As an input to agricultural production materials, if improperly purchased, it will cause unnecessary trouble and even cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, it provides some reference opinions on how to purchase new agricultural machinery to farmers.

First, according to their own economic strength

When purchasing a new type of agricultural machinery, it is necessary to consider the scope of use according to its own economic ability, whether it is for own use or to make money, or both, to decide what kind of agricultural machinery to buy. For example, if it is used for harvesting and harvesting in different places, appropriate research should be conducted to avoid the loss of investment and the loss of output. This refers to the selection of harvesters. Of course, we must also consider that agricultural machinery should meet the needs of local agronomics. Is it possible to give full play to the role of new agricultural machinery products? The most important thing is to consider the functional cost performance. Under normal circumstances, the price of new products is higher than ordinary products, and the future should be considered. The operation, management, and efficiency cannot be blindly pursued new functions, and look at the prospects of competitiveness. If the opposite is true, it will not be worth the candle.

Second, you must choose the model according to your needs.

Understand what is the advanced nature of the new agricultural products to be bought, what are the deficiencies, and then determine whether it is really suitable for your needs, rather than being blindly purchased by advertising. In addition, it is necessary to grasp as much technical information as possible about the model, such as power, economy, versatility, safety and convenience. It should also be known whether the product is a product of a national formal enterprise, whether there is a “three certificates” (production license, promotion license, quality certificate), whether it is a national stereotyped product, and finally whether it can be bought.

Third, we must consider the versatility of spare parts.

There are many new structures and new parts in the new agricultural machinery products. The structural shapes and sizes of these parts are different. Generally, they are not universal. Some of them cannot be bought in the market. They must be bought by the manufacturers. This will bring great repairs and replacements. ***bother. In addition, sometimes although a local specialty store can be found in the local area, due to the lack of competitors, the price of spare parts is often higher, which will increase the maintenance cost and production cost. Therefore, it is best to purchase spare parts to supply popular products.

Fourth, we must pay attention to

Due to the special structure of the new agricultural machinery products, most users can't fully grasp them at the moment. When there are major faults in use, they are often at a loss. Therefore, consumers must not neglect the "three guarantees" service problem after purchase, and request "one ticket and two certificates", one ticket is the sales invoice, the second card refers to the product certificate and the three-pack certificate, which is the State Economic and Trade Commission, etc. The important vouchers of the “Regulations on the Return, Replacement and Repair of Agricultural Machinery Products” (commonly known as the Three Guarantees) promulgated by the five ministries. If the "three guarantees" service is difficult to get in place in time, it will delay the operation time and cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, it is best to buy at the local agricultural machinery company when buying a machine, and ask the seller to make a timely commitment to provide after-sales "three guarantees" service.


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