New Chen hybrid corn seed simple identification method

Under natural conditions of storage, the viability of maize hybrids decreased with the extension of storage time, and the longer the storage time, the more severe the decline in viability. According to experiments, using the same combination of breeding corn hybrids, after 1 year of storage than the new seed germination potential decreased by about 12%, the emergence rate decreased by about 14%, the reduction rate of 1.1%; after two years of storage reduction rate of 5.2%. Therefore, it is best not to use Chen seeds in corn production, especially Chen seeds that can be stored for more than 3 years. Identification method of Chen seeds and new seeds: Generally, Chen seeds are stored and dried for a long period of time. The color becomes dark and dark, and the embryos are hard. The insects are susceptible to worms. The worm eyes are often seen and the hands are put into the seed pile. When you pull it out, you have powder on your hands.

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