New Technology Promotion - Atomized Softband Microjet Technology

Recently, the Municipal Water Division introduced the atomized soft-spot micro-injection technology from Japan's Sumitomo Group. This technology is an effective water-saving "Sumitomo" micro-spray tape developed and manufactured by the Sumitomo Group of Japan for many years. The material is a special laser perforated porous micro-irrigation polyethylene tape, durable and durable pressure, normal use up to 5 years. The use of water pressure within 2 kg / cm2, the maximum laying length of 100 meters, 100 meters of water spray volume of 3-10 cubic meters / hour, spray width of 3.5-10 meters. It is 50% more water than sprinkler irrigation. A greenhouse is only equipped with a belt, costing 6-8 yuan per meter, investing 800 yuan to solve the irrigation problem. Sumitomo micro-jets are divided into three types: outdoor type (R type), indoor type (MARKII type), and micro spray type (MULT160-100). Applicable to greenhouses and open fields of lawn, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, food and other crops. Its characteristics are:

1, the use of low pressure. Laser drilling has high atomization intensity, small droplets, and low impact strength, which is more suitable for crop growth.

2, easy to install and use. Only one convenient direct connection can be used to connect the belt, which reduces the cost of supporting equipment. A band can spray 10 meters wide, 100 meters long area. It can be used and stored in rolls, and it is easy to install and disassemble. Each roll weighs 2 kg and 7 kg.

3, can be used independently of a belt, you can also add three links, four-way, 6-8 meters spacing branch, increase the belt, according to unit wheel irrigation. Hydraulic calculations are needed to determine the pump and the water pressure can be adjusted to control the height and width of the spray.

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