Newborn pigs should be supplemented with vitamins

As one of the six major nutrients, vitamins play a very important role in the normal metabolism of substances in the body and in the transformation of energy and maintenance of many physiological functions. They are the main components that make up some important coenzymes, and some vitamins are also enzyme agonists. Therefore, it is absolutely indispensable during the whole growth of the pig, especially for the pigs!

Due to lack of vitamins in breast milk, newborn pigs are prone to vitamin deficiency if they are not supplemented. Such as: the lack of vitamin A newborn pig, easy to head bias early, raised back, but the normal appetite, but also indigestion, diarrhea, diarrhea, dry skin surface, the eyes can not see things, neurological disorders, limbs difficulty walking, following Hepatitis, etc., can cause death in severe cases; vitamin D3 deficiency can cause calcium and phosphorus dysfunction, bone calcification stops, affecting the absorption and emission of other minerals, slow growth; vitamin E deficiency pigs may have dyskinesia, easy to send White muscle disease, muscle weakness, anemia, heart failure, paralysis, and sometimes sudden death; vitamin K deficiency can cause internal and external hemorrhage, growth retardation; vitamin B deficiency of all ethnic groups can also lead to slow growth and development stagnation.

Vitamins have a huge and irreplaceable role in maintaining health, resisting stress and improving immunity. If the pig is given enough vitamins from an early age, on the one hand, it can improve the growth performance of the pigs, speed up the growth rate, improve the immunity of the pigs, make the pigs less sick, and reduce dependence on various drugs. On the other hand, it improves the coat color and quality of pigs. If the basic health of the pigs is not guaranteed, the lack of vitamins will lead to illness and there will be no economic benefits. Vitamins are irreplaceable. Some of the trace elements are mutually dependent on certain nutrients and there are alternative possibilities. There are other additives that are also conditionally added. It is needed under certain conditions, and sometimes it is not needed, such as organic acids and enzyme preparations. However, vitamins are not the same, no matter what conditions, what kind of conditions, what kind of pigs, must be added, and must be adjusted according to different circumstances in the dose of various vitamins.

The development of the digestive system of the sub-pig is not yet complete, and the intestine is extremely susceptible to psychological, environmental, and nutritional stress, causing allergic reactions, villous atrophy, nutrient absorption, digestive disorders, and diarrhea. Powdery multi-dimensional is hardly soluble in water, it is prone to turbidity, large loss, large molecular weight, low absorption rate and easy to cause diarrhea, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K are insoluble in water, therefore, if they are directly added in solid form Water-soluble multi-dimensional or electrolytic multidimensional, it is difficult to ensure that the pigs absorb enough vitamins, will not achieve the effect of preventing vitamin deficiency. The ideal solution is to replenish with multi-dimensional hydration-coated liquid, small particles, can greatly replenish the body's nutritional needs, absorption and utilization of up to 99%, such as the use of Hengfengqiang company's pig-specific Victoria, to the newborn pig Drop 1 ml of vetolide and 20 ml of 5% glucose per day for 5 days to 7 days to prevent vitamin deficiency in pigs, strengthen non-specific immune system function, and increase antiviral and antistress resistance. The ability to play a very important role in the smooth transition and weight gain in the future.

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